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Here are 15 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Alabama



Alabama has its own unique flair when it comes to language, with slang terms that add a touch of Southern charm. Here are 15 funny slang terms you’ll likely hear if you’re from Alabama:

Bless Your Heart

A classic Southern expression that can be both sympathetic and subtly condescending, depending on the context.


A directional term indicating a distance or direction, often used instead of “over there.” “It’s just down yonder.”


Askew or awry, describing something that is not in its proper place. “The picture frame is all cattywampus.”

Fixin’ to

Getting ready to do something. “I’m fixin’ to head to the store.”


A shopping cart. “Grab a buggy for the groceries.”


The Southern United States, often used to refer to the historical South or the Confederate States.


Fried cornmeal balls, a delicious Southern side dish often served with seafood.

Bless Your Pea-Pickin’ Heart

An endearing term, sometimes used to express affection or understanding.


To press or push, often used in the context of pressing a button. “Mash the elevator button.”


An expression of frustration or mild annoyance. “Dadgumit, I forgot my keys.”

Sweatin’ like a sinner in church

Describing someone who is sweating excessively, especially in hot and humid weather.


A simple and unsophisticated person. “He’s just a cornpone from the country.”

Whistlin’ Dixie

Talking excessively or telling tall tales. “He’s just whistlin’ Dixie if he claims that fish was this big.”

Wish in one hand, spit in the other

A colorful way of saying that wishing for something doesn’t make it happen.

Over yonder

Similar to “yonder,” indicating a location in the distance. “The store is over yonder.”

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