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10 Pictures of Arizona’s Most Beautiful Rainbows

Cheyenne Reed



Pictures of Rainbows Just Don’t Get as Beautiful as These

Just when you thought Arizona couldn’t get any more beautiful, we had to go and write this article. Well, we’re not sorry. Pictures of rainbows in Arizona are among the best in the world due to the clear skies and gorgeous landscapes. You’ve seen beautiful pictures of Arizona, but not like this!

1) Check out Springtime Near Tucson

Picture of a rainbow over the Tucson desert.
Flickr User Holly Zimmerman-Hill

We bet those clouds are bringing in some calm April showers.

2) This One’s a Double Rainbow!

Double rainbow over the Arizona desert.
Flickr User Clif Fodge

Pictures of rainbows like this are extremely rare. Only in Arizona would you be able to capture something so beautiful. Arizona goes big or goes home!

3) This Hazy Rainbow over Monument Valley Brings Some Color

Hazy rainbow above Monument Valley.

Talk about a view. Monument Valley already is gorgeous without rainbows. But as this picture shows, there’s still more beauty to come from this area of the world.

4) The Santa Rita Mountains are Just Teasing Us

The Santa Rita Mountains with a rainbow.
Flickr User Troupial

Maybe there’s a pot of gold hidden up there?

5) Here’s a Perfect Arch Over a Field in Flagstaff

A perfect picture of a rainbows arch over a field in Flagstaff.
Flickr User Steve McClanahan

It’s sort of like a big bear hug from nature. Pictures of rainbows rarely appear like a translucent rainbow dome.

6) This Double Rainbow is Arched Over Cave Creek

Pictures of double rainbows in Cave Creek, Arizona.
Flickr User Harry Taylor

Isn’t it divine?

7) Here’s the Sonoran Desert

A rainbow along the Sonoran Desert horizon line.
Flickr User Wolfie (Michael Skinner)

This rainbow is keeping the Saguaro cacti company. The Sonoran Desert is actually more colorful than most presume.

8) We Couldn’t Leave Out the Grand Canyon of Course!

Rainbow across and above the Grand Canyon.
Flickr User Brent Hall

Here’s a pretty arch over the Bright Angel Trail.

9) How About Another Shot of the Grand Canyon, for Good Measure?

A picture of a rainbow straight down into the Grand Canyon.
Flickr User Guy Schmickle / www.explorethelightphotography.com

You can still see the storm moving away from the South Rim.

10) A Rainbow Over Arizona’s Gorgeous Red Rocks

Pictures of rainbows behind Cathedral Rock.

Aren’t the colors of nature simply breathtaking?