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10 Interestingly Huge Cacti Photos That Make You Look Like a Midget

Suny Errot



Who said we only love those cute succulents that can be seen indoors? Wrong! There’s a reason why many people travel far and wide to visit the cactus farm in Arizona. We surely get thrilled with giant-like cacti too! Imagine a huge cactus towering and standing tall at 10 ft. Seeing one will definitely give you a prickly good time. Whether you cherish these famous desert plants or not, I’m sure you will love seeing huge cactus photos that make people look so small. Take a look at our list, it’s definitely worth checking out!

1. Oh look, this cactus is great. But don’t get near it! You might get pricked.

Cactus with Spines huge cactus photos

Source: Instagram

Even if it is full of spines, we sure you won’t mind striking a pose. The basic tip when seeing a big pretty cactus such as this one is to just stand from a safe distance! The cacti in Arizona National Garden don’t want you to get hurt too.

2. These cacti can definitely give you a proper entrance.

Huge Cactus Photos wonderland arizona

Source: Instagram

Oh wow, these cacti certainly form a nice tunnel slash entrance illusion. Just imagine walking around the garden, and seeing this kind of magnificent beauty unravel before your eyes. The next best thing you can do is to strut ahead or strike a pose. It’s your call. But whatever you choose, make sure you take lots of photos or videos to document the moment. It’s not everyday you see huge cacti just around the bend.

Side note: Why do we feel like they are gossiping about how small we are? Yup, because we surely are. See more of them at Desert Botanical Garden. It’s one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Arizona, and we’re sure the cacti played a huge role in this.

3. This cactus officially welcomes you to the beautiful state of Arizona!

cactus az

Source: Instagram

A little formal, aren’t we? This giant from Fountain Hills, Arizona seems like it is welcoming you with a courteous handshake. Be sure to be polite enough and return the compliment! Of course, do all that while smiling for the winning photo.

4. The legendary Saguaro Cactus!

saguaro cactus in arizona

Source: Instagram

This Saguaro cactus is surely proud to stand beside you. It took him a hundred years to grow and show off his pretty arms! Yup, it took that long. In fact, before you scroll to the next photo in our huge cactus photos list, we’d like to share a few interesting facts.

Some interesting facts about Saguaro Cactus: The Sentinel in the Arizona Desert

  • A native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona which you’ll see plenty of them peeking through the trees. They surely love to get plenty of attention from afar. It is definitely breathtaking when you admire them during the golden hour.
  • A Saguaro cactus grows very slowly. It takes years for one to grow a few inches, but fast forward to a hundred years, and you’ll see them standing tall above the rest.
  • They produce the beautiful and sweet Saguaro Blossom in their arms. It happens for a very short period of time, so you’re lucky if you see one, This is also Arizona’s state wildflower. Later on, it can mature into a fruit once pollinated. Yes, it is edible.

If you want to learn more, check out this good read on why the Saguaro cactus is the coolest.

5. It’s big. It’s tall. And look, it has lots of arms.

Huge Cactus Catalina State Park Tucson AZ

Source: Instagram

This photo nails it. The man definitely looks like a midget next to this humongous cactus. He was hiking Catalina State Park when he happened to see (you can’t miss it) this huge cactus sort of standing out from the whole landscape. This cactus has surely grown a lot of arms and is carrying itself very well. We just can’t imagine how heavy they are.

If you’re a big cactus nerd, you probably already know this fun fact. The oldest Saguaro Cactus was “Old Granddaddy” that lived for over 300 years. It had 52 arms before it died. It kind of looks like this one, huh? 

6. The perfect place to read a book.

Big Cactus AZ

Source: Instagram

They can be your giant chill buddy too. Before you react, we know what you’re thinking. How can he lean just like that without getting hurt? This is because some cacti do not have spines at all. They have a bark-like body akin to a tree, which as we know, are completely harmless. Except if there are giant ants or spiders crawling somewhere.

7. ‘The Grand One.’

You are probably thinking if the biggest Saguaro Cactus was recorded. The answer is YES, and you are looking at it right now. It’s called the “Grand One” standing at 46 ft. Some say its shadow can be seen on Google Earth.

8. We’re not sure if it’s giving us the finger.

Cactus Hiking AZ huge cactus photos

Source: Instagram

Even with our arms wide open, we still look like 10x smaller than any of them. This one seems to be giving us the finger, but we hope we’re wrong.

9. A pleasant stop to a tiring hike.

Cactus in Tonto National Forest arizona

Source: Instagram

Posing beside a giant cactus during your trip in Tonto National Forest is a must and is definitely worth the extra sweat!

10. That’s one tall cactus for you!

Cactus Tall AZ

Source: Instagram

We really need to move backwards to fit them in the photo, and sometimes, they never do. But they are still stunning.

What do you think of these amazingly enviable huge cactus photos in Arizona? We can’t wait for you to see them in person when you’re out exploring the outdoors. You will be in awe.