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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Considering Moving to Arizona




Oh, the precious Grand Canyon State. It’s a big place full of otherworldly destinations, lush forests, and all kinds of rock formations. The people here might also be equally beautiful. But then again, who knows? Everything might be a big, fat lie. We seriously doubt you’d want to live in this place, so don’t have any thoughts now of moving to Arizona. It’s a terrible idea. There are a lot of other beautiful states such as California, New York, or maybe Utah. These are definitely better, and more charming too! Without further ado, here’s why you should NEVER EVER move to Arizona:

1. The desert views really suck.

Sonoran Desert Arizona

Source: Instagram

Oh, look. There’s nothing to see here. It’s just a bunch of weird plants under the beautiful sky. We bet it’s super dry and dusty! Yuck. No one would want to walk around this landscape.

2. You won’t finish the hiking trail because it’s so boring.

Piestewa Peak Phoenix AZ

Source: Instagram

Sure, there are a lot of challenging and scenic hikes in Arizona. But what is there to see? The carpet of wildflowers in full bloom? A hidden spring at the end of the hike? The chocolate waterfall? Gorgeous nature views from the top? Pssh. No one cares about that. It’s boring.

3. Why move to Arizona? It’s just a big chunk of land.

Havasupai Falls Move to Arizona

Source: Instagram

Here’s a big reminder of why you should never move to Arizona. It’s just a vast, dull, and gloomy desert. The Havasupai Falls, Cibecue Creek, Lake Powell, and Lake Havasu are only some of the beautiful bodies of water in the state, but we don’t think you’d like that.

4. The sun basically wants to kill everyone living in Arizona.

Havasupai Falls Nature AZ

Source: Instagram

You will need to brave hot, endless summers and there’s nothing you can do about it. Your skin will just dry out. Why should you give yourself a hard time and plan out-of-town outdoor trips to stay refreshed?

5. The roads are ugly.

Apache Trail Roadtrip

Source: Top Gear

Arizona road trip? That’s impossible. It’s not like driving along the Apache Trail, the Catalina Highway, or the Coronado Trail is worth doing.

6. You’ll go bald waiting for your driver’s license to expire.

Driver's License Arizona Long Expiration

Source: ABC15

Did you know that your driver’s license doesn’t expire until you reach age 65? And after reaching age 65, the renewals are required every five years? I mean, what the heck? That will save you a lot of money and time, but you’ll grow bald before seeing it expire. Boo!

7. You’ll be in and out of Arizona before you know it. Talk about a waste of gas.

Arizona I10 Highways

Source: Instagram

Think about it. Las Vegas is just 6 hours away, while Disneyland is 5 hours away. You can even escape to Mexico with a 4-hour drive. Why is everything so freaking close that you immediately have somewhere to go when you get bored?

8. The animals here will probably end your life.

Arizona Garter Snake

Source: Instagram

Arizona has a lot of scorpions, gila monsters, snakes, and other wild animals. Sure, it’s exotic and interesting, but you will die!

9. The Grand Canyon is overrated, so don’t move to Arizona.

Grand Canyon Landmark

Source: Instagram

Theodore Roosevelt said it’s a natural wonder that is absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world. Nothing special, huh?

10. Winter is never coming.

Williams Winter move to Arizona

Source: Instagram

You probably need a heavy-duty pair for summer more than you need one for winter. The snow here is probably fake, huh?

So, that’s the list. There’s nothing to see here, so you better think a hundred times before acting on the idea of moving to Arizona. Before you go, you should also take a look at these 11 places in Arizona every other state wishes they had. You’ll be mind-blown!

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