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Here Are 15 of the Best Arizona Memes That We Can All Relate To

Suny Errot



We totally love Arizona. It is home to many natural wonders, scary attractions, and even otherworldly destinations. However, you can’t deny that there are some funny things or experiences that are unique to this state – both good and bad. If you are having a bad day or if you just need a good laugh, feel free to go over our Meanwhile in Arizona memes!

Here are the 15 best Meanwhile in Arizona memes that we can all relate to

1. Tourist spotted!

Arizona Cactus funny meanwhile in arizona memes

Source: Pinterest

If you are visiting Arizona for the first time, you should know two things. Hiking the great outdoors is a must-do, but staying too close or not being careful around cacti is definitely dangerous! We don’t know what happened to this tourist, but we can only imagine how damn piercing it must feel! He is practically pricked (for lack of better term) by cholla cacti and we just want him to undergo a session of careful tweezing asap!

Well, if you’ve got this kind of accident, you must be in Arizona!

2. Hold the door!

Hold the door! Tucson

Source: Pinterest

Are we exaggerating? We don’t think so. It’s not you. Tucson’s definitely getting hotter. In fact, we advise that you just stay curled up in your room while blasting the airconditioned unit. And if you’re leaving the house, make sure you to bring the fire extinguisher — oh, we mean your water bottle, so you can stay hydrated.

3. If you see a melted traffic light, would you even be surprised?

Melted Traffic Light in arizona

Source: Pinterest

Since we are talking about the Meanwhile in Arizona memes, we might as well include photos of things melting. Well, it’s so hot right now that there is a lot of stuff melting away. If only this heat can melt away this global health crisis, then we can all live in peace.

4. One order of sunny-side-up, please.

Crack an Egg challenge

Source: Inquisitr

This photo might be from Death Valley, but there’s no saying Arizona isn’t already a death valley with the insane summer heat. Here’s a challenge: why not go outside of your house and crack an egg on the sidewalk? You should time how long it takes for the egg to cook.

5. We want door handles that don’t burn our hands.

Door Handles Photo az

Source: Pinterest

Let’s just say that one of the classic Meanwhile in Arizona memes is the photo of door handles wrapped in (hopefully cold) cloth or hot pads. We appreciate an establishment that cares for its guests!

6. For today’s summer weather forecast…

Weather Forecast in arizona

Source: Pinterest

…we’re on our way to STUPID HOT! The news reports that sizzling heat will most likely continue because the forecast stays sunny and dry. In fact, Phoenix is expected to hit 110 degrees! It marks the 33rd time this year with highs at 110 or more, and it ties with the 2011 record for the most 110+ days in a single year. With the excessive heat warning in effect in Phoenix Metro, we are sending our virtual hug in support of all the residents living there!

7. Only in Arizona

only in Arizona

Source: AZTV

Well, at least it still snows, right?

What’s next in our list of Meanwhile in Arizona memes?

8. This is the correct (only) way to drive.

Meanwhile in Arizona memes

Source: Reddit

It is inevitable to stay inside your home forever, so if you plan to go out for a quick grocery run, you should at least bring mittens. This is the only proper way to drive during an Arizona summer. We’re pretty sure many of you who almost got burned driving home can relate to this. The question we are all thinking is “Why does my wheel feel like a fiery inferno??”

9. Don’t get too excited for Halloween!

Arizona Halloween

Source: Pinterest

We understand that you just can’t wait to visit a scary corn maze in Arizona and embrace the spirit of Halloween. Maybe you also want to pick your own pumpkin from a farm. Before you get too excited, just know that the heat might melt your pumpkin before you can even pick out your costume.

10. Wear sunscreen or else…

Popcorn meme

Source: Pinterest

This might be a funny addition to our Meanwhile in Arizona memes, but staying under the intense heat will really be dangerous for you. No, your eyes won’t pop just like this corn, but you will definitely feel weak and endanger your health. So remember, always wear sunscreen and hydrate often!

11. What goes inside a Tucsonian’s brain…

Tucsonian's Brain funny

Source: Tucson

What do Tucsonian’s think about during winter? The cartoonist behind this photo is on point! He guessed that it is composed of food, shelter, sex, chimis and comfort. How about during summer then? We can’t stress this enough. We. Need. Shade! Most importantly, we need to feel like we can breathe again.

12. Your phone probably needs to cool down.

iPhone too hot az memes

Source: Pinterest

It is definitely not uncommon for a phone to overheat. And if you’re in Arizona, you’ve probably experienced your phone shout a cry to cool down because it can’t function anymore. Did you know that the temperature in Phoenix is often higher than what an iPhone is built to handle? Our one tip and you probably know it already, is never to leave your phone under direct sunlight for extended periods of time!

13. There are four seasons in Arizona and you probably know it well.

Four Seasons in Arizona

Source: AZTV

We shouldn’t leave this out of the Meanwhile in Arizona memes, because this one’s gold! There are four seasons in Arizona and these are the following: Tolerable, Hot, Really Hot, and “Are You Kidding Me?!?” So, what’s the season in your city right now? Tell us all about it!

14. I can’t get up.

Weather in arizona

Source: Pinterest

With the Arizona weather, we’re guessing you look like this most of the time. Is that right? Summer is definitely making us feel lots of things, but why the intense heat, of all things??

15. Arizona Cactus

Arizona Cactus funny

Source: Pinterest

Does your car have cactus insurance?

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