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15 Romantic and Wondrous Arizona Proposals That Give The Best Backdrop



Marriage proposals sure take a lot of work! Aside from mustering up the courage to ask for your significant other’s hand, you have to find the perfect place to display your love and affection. Luckily, many romantics who plan on popping the big question have a lot of scenic options to choose from in the safe. If you are looking for ideas, here are the best Arizona proposals that will make your (future) special moment much more magical

Take a look at 15 romantic Arizona proposals that display the best backdrop

1. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon proposal sweet

Source: Instagram

Can we just say that this is absolutely breathtaking for words? You can’t go wrong with Grand Canyon if your goal is to profess your undying love for your partner. This photo was taken at the rim of the Grand Canyon during sunrise. This epic place is definitely #1 not just in our list, but for many individuals as well.

If you need help, there are many marriage proposal packages available! It is actually a very common request, and a lot of lovestruck individuals want to scout the best possible place. For instance, Grand Canyon Wedding Packages offers a Sunset Picnic excursion wherein they set up a special picnic for you and your beau. Their team will greet you upon arrival and escort you to the location. The sunset viewing picnic experience is already beautiful as it is, but it will be more magical once you finally get down on one knee and pop the big question.

An undercover photographer will snap the proposal from afar – making sure you have the best memories you can cherish forever. After getting the sweet “Yes,” the photographer will also approach you to take some lovely engagement photos with the stunning Grand Canyon as your backdrop. How awesome is that? No doubt, this place definitely takes the cake in our list of romantic Arizona proposals!

2. Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge sedona

Source: Instagram

The thing about Devils Bridge – it’s not only one of the most beautiful sights in Sedona. It is also a picture-perfect spot for Arizona proposals! You can spend the early morning hiking, get to the bridge, admire the view, and ask the life-changing question, “Will you marry me?”

Just look at the photo. It is so beautiful! If you want another element to your Devils Bridge proposal, you should come during winter when the snow partly fills the ground.

3. Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock proposal arizona

Source: Instagram

Surprise! It’s not just a hike to the Cathedral Rock! This place is a frequent spot for Arizona proposals and you can clearly see why. It is both iconic and picturesque. The moment will surely look like something made for the most romantic movies.

Did you know that Cathedral Rock is also a vortex site? We don’t know much about its impact to grand gestures, but maybe it would amplify the precious moment a bit more. Before you go, make sure to take some time appreciating the dramatic scenery of red desert hills and endless blue sky or the sunset – whichever you’re going for.

4. Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains arizona proposals

Source: Instagram

According to experts, the Superstition Mountains were formed more than 18 million years ago by volcanic activity. These were once part of a large caldera that resurged to form a big, beautiful mountain. This place is also deemed mysterious given the different stories and myths surrounding it. But even if this place is mysterious, it is still one helluva awesome place to ask for your partner’s hand. Don’t you think so?

5. L’Auberge de Sedona

L'Auberge de Sedona arizona proposals venues

Source: Instagram

L’Auberge de Sedona is a luxury resort inspired by natural beauty. It shows the best Sedona has to offer, especially the vast scenery that has the power to steal your breath. This incredible shot shows a lovely couple committing to spend the rest of their lives together. With the beautiful set-up and the gorgeous backdrop, we are pretty sure they had a magical moment!

After your proposal, why not meditate in their vortex treehouse?

6. Papago Park

Papago Park az proposal

Source: Instagram

You may think that the best Arizona proposals are the ones that take place after a tiring hike. Well, that’s not exactly the case. Who would have thought that Papago Park is just as amazing? If you work the right magic, you will end up with the most romantic set-up every girl would be jealous of!

7. Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain az view lover

Source: Instagram

Camelback Mountain is just 20 minutes away from downtown Phoenix. This is already a good spot if you can’t really travel far to other equally wonderful Arizona proposals locations. Since this is an iconic outdoor destination visited by thousands of hikers, make sure to come early, or preferably before sunrise. But if you can’t come early, you can just choose a spot away from the crowds and propose!

The 360-degree views of the surrounding city will make the moment truly special!

8. The Phoenician

The Phoenician arizona proposals

Source: Instagram

If you already made plans to experience Scottsdale luxury, you might as well pop the big question then and there. The Phoenician is an upscale resort famed for its contemporary elegance and unparalleled resort amenities. Unsurprisingly, it also makes for a great location for a proposal.

Just look at the love-struck couple above! How we wish everyone can just find their soulmates quickly!

9. Page Springs Cellars

Page Springs Cellars az

Source: Instagram

This place is a must-visit if you fancy wine-tasting activities. Apparently, it also makes for a beautiful spot for Arizona proposals. Give your loved one the butterflies by proposing at Page Springs Cellars! After that, you can just schedule an intimate wine-tasting activity with your lover to celebrate the engagement. You don’t even have to leave the venue. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

10. Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend az proposal

Source: Instagram

Sunset proposals are lovely, but do it in a scenic place and it’ll be twice as much. Even if the light of the sun is hitting this couple’s faces, we can already see how happy they are!

11. Enchantment Resort

Enchantment Resort sweet destination

Source: Instagram

Sometimes, all you need to do is appreciate quality time with your partner before popping the most anticipated question. You can go on a romantic morning stroll and appreciate nature, get down on one knee, make your heart pound like crazy, and let it loose before uttering the words, “Will you marry me, love?”

Enchantment Resort belongs to the list of places for the most magical Arizona proposals for three reasons. First, you get to see the beauty of the dramatic red rocks, Boynton Canyon. Second, the resort is a famed resort that offers an unparalleled experience. Three, you will have a deep and powerful connection to nature by coming here.

12. Forest Highlands Golf Club

Forest Highlands Golf Club arizona

Source: Instagram

To some, Forest Highlands Golf Club is just a perfect spot for a mountain retreat. However, it can also be a good Arizona proposal location. The cool wind and fresh air, plus the beautiful scenery, will probably keep you from breaking out in a sweat due to nervousness in asking for your partner’s hand.

13. Anthem

Anthem az

Source: Instagram

You don’t have to climb the top of the mountain to feel like you’re on top of the world. As long as you pour your heart out for your beau, you will have a flawless proposal just like this one! Anthem is a surprisingly good addition to our list of good places for Arizona proposals. Don’t you agree?

14. Desert Botanical Garden

Imagine getting proposed to at a 140-acre botanical garden filled with unique and beautiful plants that thrive in some of the hottest and driest parts of the world. Isn’t that such an unforgettable experience? Partner that with the fact that Desert Botanical Garden immerses you in the colors and fragrances in their trails. What a delight!

15. Saguaro Lake

The perfect surprise lakeside proposal venue is none other than Saguaro Lake. This lake is 10 miles long, and has depths of more than 110 feet at its deepest point. You can just look for the perfect spot to propose to your guy or girl at this already scenic site. If you want, you can even pop the question while aboard the riverboat cruise. We are sure it would be just as charming!

Which among these good spots for Arizona proposals is your favorite?

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