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5 of the Best Hiking Trails in Arizona That You Need To Do



Arizona hiking trails are known for their beauty. From epic blue waterfalls to breathtaking scenic views – all the trails in our wonderful state have something unique to offer! Here’s a list of the top 5 you absolutely need to do.

1) Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain in the background of Phoenix, Arizona/

One of the most popular Arizona hiking trails in the Phoenix Metro area, Camelback Mountain, allows you to see some of the most scenic views of the valley. There are 2 trails that allow you to reach the summit: Echo Canyon Trail and Cholla Trail. Echo Canyon is a bit harder as there is more technical rocky areas to get through, where Cholla is a more gradual incline with some technical rocky areas near the summit. Both trails are roughly 2-miles and should take you anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your level of experience. Reaching the summit, you’ll be at approximately 2,707 feet above sea level! Can you guess where Camelback Mountain got its name from? Take a look at the mountain formation and you’ll see why!

2) Flat Iron 

The Flat Iron Mountain in the Superstition Mountains is lit red by the sunlight.

Flat Iron is one of the most exciting and exhilarating hikes you’ll experience in the Superstition Mountain range area. This trail puts you on top of one of the most prominent rock features of the range called Flatiron due to the fact it looks like an upside-down iron. At the beginning of the trail, you’ll start off at Lost Dutchman State Park where there is a $5 day-use fee at the visitor center. Hiking this trail can be very challenging so make sure to use good judgment and as always bring plenty of water! This trail is roughly 6-miles (round trip) and should take you anywhere from 3.5 hours to 5 hours depending on how fast you go. Reaching the summit will put you at approximately 4,670 feet!

3) Browns Peak

Browns Peak, on of the Four Peaks is in the distance with miles of desert land in front.

Browns Peak is the official name for the highest peak of the four mountains found at the Four Peaks Mountain Range. Getting to this trail is an adventure in itself as you’ll have to drive off-road for 20 miles so make sure your vehicle is well prepared for this! Reaching the top, you’ll be awarded the of the best views in all of Arizona as you should be able to see 1/4th of the entire state! At the summit, you’ll be at a whopping 7,657 feet above sea level so make sure to dress accordingly as temperatures can drop depending on the time of year.

4) Cathedral Rock

People hiking n Cathedral Rock near Sedona.

This is a short, yet steep hike that will allow you to take in the gorgeous views of Sedona’s red rock formations as well as see Sedona’s most famous and photographed landmark “Cathedral Rock”. Hiking Cathedral Rock is approximately 1.5 miles long (round trip) and should take you anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on how fast you go. Be careful doing this trail during the summer months as sun exposure is at an all-time high. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

5) Havasu Falls

Beautiful bright blue waters as Havasu Falls pours out in the mountains.

Hiking Havasu Falls is truly a remarkable adventure that will stay with you forever. The 10-mile hike from Hualapai Hilltop to the campgrounds is moderately difficult. The trail is steep for the first 1.5 miles. After that, it is mostly level hiking with a slightly downhill slant. The first 3 miles of this trek offers very little shelter from the sun. So you’ll want to make sure to pack sunscreen. You’ll continue on the trail for another 7 miles before you reach Supai. There you’ll see the most amazing blue, flowing water. Make sure to explore the surrounding falls in the area such as Beaver FallsMooney Falls, and the more popular Havasu Falls.