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5 Cool Facts About Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area



Fool Hollow Lake is a beautiful place in the gorgeous White Mountains of Northeastern Arizona. It’s not far from the city of Show Low and Pinetop-Lakeside. It’s one of many lakes within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Park. But what makes it different? Below are some really cool facts about Fool Hollow Lake to answer this question.

1) Fool Hollow Lake is in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

Ponderosa pine trees along the banks of Fool Hollow Lake.

It’s one of many beautiful attractions in the expansive Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. You’ll find the entrance to it just west of Show Low off Highway 60 shortly after winding through the Salt River Canyon. You’ll notice you’re close when ponderosa pine trees surround you on both sides of your car.

2) The Recreation Area is 800 Acres

Ponderosa pine forest.

The lake itself is 150 acres with an average depth of 23 feet. Because of the size of this amazing recreation area, you will have so much to explore.

It’s also a great lake for fishing. You’ll find bass, trout, pike and more kinds of fish swimming in the lake. Just remember to get your fishing license before arriving. These are required for fishers over the age of 10.

3) A town Named Adair Once Existed Where the Lake is Now

Ponderosa pine trees along Fool Hollow Lake.
Flickr User Keith Graves
Flickr User Keith Graves

Thomas Jefferson Adair foolishly moved to the area in 1885 to attempt to farm, and so the name was born. Imagine what the town would look like today if it was possible for it to stay here.

Unfortunately for Thomas Jefferson Adair, his desire to farm here gave the lake its unique name. The locals thought anyone who would want to farm at this location surely must be a fool. And then, the name stuck.

The lake appeared on the proposed farmland after the construction of a dam located at Show Low Creek and Fool Hollow Wash. And the rest is history.

4) Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area Has Been Open Since 1994

A lake with red dirt walls.

Along with corporate sponsors, the City of Show Low, the U.S. Forest Service, Arizona State Parks, and Arizona Game and Fish worked together to create the area.

With the world’s largest nonstop belt of ponderosa pine trees, the area was perfect for a state park. This layout has made it recognizable and stand out from other lakes nearby.

It’s also a great lake to hike around and explore the forests variety of beautiful flora and wildlife.

5) They Have A Lot of Year-Round Activities

The bow of a kayak on the surface of Fool Hollow Lake.

You can camp, picnic, and fish. You can even rent a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard so you can spend a lot of quality time on the pristine lake water. Or you can bring your own watercraft, as long as your engine doesn’t surpass 10 H.P. No matter what activity you choose, you’re sure to enjoy yourself here.