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5 Perfect Autumn Hikes in Arizona That Will Make You Feel Like You are Strolling in a Fairy Tale Forest

Suny Errot



Did you know that the Grand Canyon State has lots of scenic hikes and drives for adventurers who want to be surrounded by golden or autumnal hues? Since fall is almost upon our land, you might want to make adjustments in your itinerary so you can catch a glimpse of the stunning scenery. Grab your boots and your camera. Here are the best autumn hikes in Arizona.

It is as if you are strolling in a fairy tale forest when you take these beautiful autumn hikes in Arizona:

1. West Fork Trail

West Fork Trail az

Source: Instagram

Autumn leaves and fall breeze? Yes, please! There might be some hikers who will agree when we say the West Fork Trail is the prettiest hike in all of Arizona. It is located inside the Coconino National Forest and is a mix of a refreshing little stream that ripples along the canyon floor, as well as beautifully-carved cliffs. The lush greenery will make you fall in love too.

Hiking the West Fork Trail is easy because of the steady incline. In fact, you might notice that time passes by rather quickly. This is one of the beginner-friendly hikes in Arizona. You can also bring your furry friend along!

Location: Sedona, Arizona

2. Abineau – Bear Jaw Trail

Abineau - Bear Jaw Trail autumn hikes in Arizona

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Since we are talking about the best autumn hikes in Arizona, the Abineau – Bear Jaw Trail should naturally be included in that list. The seemingly painted trees look lovely in the photo. How much more if you were to look at it from the trail?

This is a moderate hike that starts from a wide path through a grassy meadow surrounded by aspens, ponderosas, and black bears. You might also encounter some elk before reaching a junction where the Bear Jaw Trail splits left and Abineau goes right. It doesn’t matter which path you take because either way will work.

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

3. Kachina Trail

Kachina Trail autumn hikes in arizona

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Kachina Trail is not just one of the best autumn hikes in Arizona. It is also one of Flagstaff’s most popular. We are not even surprised. This is something Mother Nature would definitely boast. Hikers who come to Kachina Trail will be in awe of the beautiful autumn colors as they make their way through surrounding aspen groves.

The main access to the Kachina Trail is from the Arizona Snowbowl ski area. Some hikers also leave their cars at the end of Freidlein Prairie Road (FR 522) to hike the entire trail one-way.

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

4. Huckaby Trail

Huckaby Trail az hike

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If you only want a fairly flat hike, then you should come to Huckaby Trail. It is one of the best autumn hikes in Arizona because it gives gorgeous views all throughout. At the top of the hike, there is even a ridge that offers views of not only Oak Creek but of Uptown Sedona. The shrubbery and trees change their color during the fall season.

The hike feels a bit more difficult during summer because the heat can take a toll on your energy. Still, you will be recharged just by looking at the surrounding rock formations. You will also reach a creek, and a swimming hole towards the end of the hike. It is perfect if you want to cool down and take a dip.

Location: Sedona, Arizona

5. Inner Basin Trail

Inner Basin Trail autumn hikes in arizona

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Some say the Inner Basin Trail offers a different kind of solitude to many hikers. That is probably due to its picturesque views. It is Arizona’s very own version of the Alps, albeit much smaller. The hike is particularly stunning when autumn rolls around. It is like walking around a fairy tale forest.

The trail is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. While there are some steep parts, it is just about 4 miles in total length and is manageable. You will already see a picturesque aspen grove less than halfway in, but you must hike the full length if you want to see the alpine meadow with panoramic views of the San Francisco Peaks. The hike begins at Lockett Meadow, which so happens to be one of the best campgrounds in the state.

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Which among these autumn hikes in Arizona would you like to go to?