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5 Reasons Why You Need To Stay in the Phantom Ranch



Phantom Ranch is an amazing place in Northern Arizona. It’s the perfect place to stay whenever you’re on vacation visiting the Grand Canyon.

1) You can find Phantom Lodge at the Phantom Ranch

Front sign of the Phantom Ranch. It says "Phantom Ranch Welcomes You."
Flickr User Abhijit

Where is Phantom Ranch, you might ask? Well, drumroll, please…  it’s at the bottom of the Grand Canyon! Seriously, could you possibly think of a cooler place to stay? If you’re looking for somewhere to stay below the rim of the canyon, this is a great choice. It’s a good thing, because, as it turns out, this is the only choice for lodging below the rim. You’ll find Phantom Ranch nestled beside Bright Angel Creek, on the north side of the Colorado River. What a better way to truly enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon than to spend a few days down in the depths of it?

2) Phantom Lodge has Been Around Since the 1920s!

Flickr User s_jensen
Flickr User s_jensen

The Fred Harvey Company was chosen by the National Park Service to build inside the Grand Canyon. Mary Jane Colter, who has designed various other buildings near the Grand Canyon, like the Desert View Watchtower and the Lookout Studio, drew up plans for Phantom Ranch. Sticking to her normal aesthetic, Colter used materials like wood and native stone to ensure that her buildings would seem natural and blend into their surroundings. After designing a series of cabins that everyone loved, Colter learned that they planned to name them the Roosevelt Chalets. She insisted that her plans were not to be used unless they used the name she had carefully chosen: Phantom Ranch!

3) You Can Reach Phantom Ranch by Foot, Mule, or Colorado River


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the area where Phantom Ranch is isn’t the most easily accessible. If you’re adventurous, there are a few hiking options that allow you to experience the beauty of the canyon not only for the duration of your stay at the bottom but also for the entire trip down and back. If you take the South Kaibab Trail, you can expect that the 7.3-mile trek will take you an average of three to four hours. You could also opt for the Bright Angel Trail which is 10.3 miles. The trip generally takes four to six hours to arrive, while the return trip takes six to ten.

Whether you’re hiking in the summer or the winter, it’s important that you are properly prepared for the hike and exercise caution to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. The National Park Service website is a great resource for hiking safety tips. If such a long hike sounds a little daunting, that’s okay too. Arrange to ride a mule down the trail or arrive via the beautiful Colorado River.

4 It Can Be a Challenge to Get a Reservation at Phantom Lodge

Exterior of a gorgeous cabin at the Phantom Ranch at the grand canyon.

Phantom Ranch is a pretty awesome place to stay! It’s not surprising that their facilities are in high demand. Rooms became available for booking thirteen months in advance, on the first day of each month. If you wait until the last minute, it isn’t likely that you will be able to successfully secure a reservation for you and your group. That’s no good at all! Instead, plan your trip well in advance, then you can not only look forward to exploring the beauty of the Grand Canyon but also rest assured that your accommodations are taken care of. If you’re planning an awesome group trip, even better. Ask about group stays when you call Phantom Ranch to make your reservation.

5) Phantom Lodge Will Take Good Care of You

Interior of the a diner in the Phantom Lodge.
Flickr User Dergib

For your stay at Phantom Ranch, you can choose to be in a dormitory or a cabin. If you’re feeling up for making new friends who surely appreciate mother nature as much as you do, go for the dormitory option. It’s the cheaper option of the two, and you’ll meet four other people of your gender who you’re sure to become fast friends with.

If your goal is to appreciate the solitude that the depths of the Grand Canyon has to offer, book yourself a cabin instead. Depending on who you are traveling with, cabins are able to accommodate between two and ten people. Either way, you’ll find comfortable bedding, clean towels, and shower facilities – all of the things you need to enjoy a comfortable stay. When you book your room, be sure to reserve breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals which you can enjoy in the Canteen! You’re sure to have everything you need to enjoy a restful stay amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Plan your trip to the Phantom Lodge in Phantom Ranch today!