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You Must See the Unbelievable Grand Canyon Caverns Room

Cheyenne Reed



All across the world, there are locations that claim to have the coolest place to spend a night. But did you know that the coolest place to stay the night can actually be found right here in Arizona? The Grand Canyon Caverns Cave Motel Room.

The Cave Motel in the Grand Canyon Caverns is the Largest Room

Flickr User Keith Watson Photography
Flickr User Keith Watson Photography

The Grand Canyon Caverns are some of the oldest caverns in the world. This massive underground cave has the perfect motel room for you to stay the night. Sure, you could stay in a five-star chain hotel with a pool and a hot tub when you visit Arizona…. or you could spend the night in this geological heaven!

The Grand Canyon Cavern Motel Room is buried 200 feet below the surface of the earth! What a reputation! In fact, they take the title for being the deepest, darkest, largest, oldest, and quietest motel room in the world! Getting to your suite isn’t for the faint of heart! You’ll descend twenty-one stories –over 200 feet– in a fifty-year-old elevator! The elevator itself is a feat, having taken two years and a whopping ninety cases of dynamite to create. Don’t worry too much, though; people use this elevator every day!

Don’t Expect to Be Bothered by Traffic Sounds and Streetlights

Flickr User Mike Fitzpatrick
Flickr User Mike Fitzpatrick

Down in this sixty-five million-year-old cavern, it’s just you and the rocks! Prepare yourself before you turn off the lights because cave darkness is no joke! Aside from the lights you control, no light reaches the cavern! And you can forget about the noise as well. The caverns are so quiet that you can hear your own heartbeat and breathing.

And for those of you who are concerned about what creepy crawlers might call the cave home… don’t be. The zero humidity in the cave means that nothing lives there. No spiders, bats, or birds to be found. You’re the only living thing there, 200 feet below the surface of the earth… which will actually give you the chills too if you think about it.

You Don’t Have to Rough it Down There


When the room was created, the owners of the establishment took great care to ensure that the guests wouldn’t feel claustrophobic. 200 feet by 400 feet and a towering 70-foot ceiling give you plenty of room to move about. We don’t know how they’ve done it…but they managed to make all the amenities you could possibly need available. In your room, you’ll find two queen-sized beds and a fold-out sofa.

The room can sleep a total of six if you have friends who are feeling adventurous! 100 gallons of water are hand-carried down by the staff, and you’ve even got a fully functioning bathroom with hot and cold water for your shower! Well, a bathroom that supports less than ten flushes before the tank is full. But still, the arrangements are nothing to scoff at! The staff here has gone out of their way to ensure that you have the most comfortable stay possible!

When You Get the Cave Motel Room, You Get it All

Flickr User Pedro fait de la photo
Flickr User Pedro fait de la photo

The best part about booking a stay in this room is that you don’t get just the room, you also get to explore all of the caverns. The staff makes sure you are well stocked on flashlights and encourages you to explore the place solo! They sometimes even give private tours. Either way, you get to experience all of the beauty of the caverns without the hustle and bustle of a typical group tour. While exploring, you’ll get to see things like the mummified bobcat who got trapped in the cavern sometime in the 1800s.

Don’t forget to check out the rations that were sent by President Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis. During that time, these caverns were set to be a fallout shelter for 2,000 people!

When you’ve had your fill of exploring, you can rest assured that you won’t be left bored in your room like some hotels. Help yourself to the flat screen tv, the DVD collection, the vintage record player, or even the throwback 8 track tapes! You might be surprised to find that, if you’re hungry, room service is an option, even 200 feet below the surface. The staff is happy to set up a cozy dining area for you, delivering meals like garlic and herb chicken, steak, or vegetarian selections!

The Grand Canyon Caverns Room is So Much More Than a Place to Stay

Flickr User Chase Clark
Flickr User Chase Clark

At $800 a night, this room is definitely a splurge. About 3 1/2 hours northwest of Phoenix, the caverns are located close to plenty of other can’t-miss Arizona activities, like Supai Falls. What other location gives you the opportunity to call such a geologically awesome environment home for a night? Luckily, they’re also happy to have guests here 364 nights a year!

If you stay at the caverns and you fall in love with them, there’s good news! Overnight stays aren’t the only option. The caverns are available to rent as a wedding venue, and small concerts can also be held here on a stage that was torn from an old Los Angeles theater! But this room books up fast, so you’d better make reservations as early as possible. However, if you want to stay in a furnished cave, and it is already booked, check out the cave Airbnb in Sedona for an equally unique lodging experience.

Many guests who have stayed here say the experience is incomparable! From the five star service to the friendly staff to the room with a view that isn’t quite what you’d expect… this Arizona gem is a true experience!