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7 Aurora Borealis Photos in Arizona That Left Us in Utter Shock at How Mesmerizing It Is




Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, are typically associated with the polar regions. The natural light display showcases beautiful colors dancing above the Arctic Circle and captivating the hearts of those lucky enough to witness them.

But what if I told you that these magical lights recently made an appearance in Arizona? Yes, you read that right! It’s a rare phenomenon, but it happened!

Tell you what, we even saw the most astonishing photos that just left us utterly mesmerized.

Check out these 7 Aurora Borealis Photos in Arizona that are too mesmerizing not to be shared:

1. A burst of colors over Tucson’s skies

Source: Instagram

This photo captures the Northern Lights spreading beautiful hues across the Arizona night sky. The pink and red streaks create an almost surreal image, making it hard to believe that this wasn’t taken in some far-off northern land. It’s safe to say that the wide-angle shot perfectly by photographer Nicholas Boettcher encapsulates the vastness and beauty of this celestial display! We just can’t stop looking.

2. The desert meets the lights

Source: Instagram

There is something beautiful about the contrast between the barren, iconic Arizona desert landscape with the ethereal Aurora Borealis. The cacti in the foreground stand tall, silhouetted against the colorful backdrop. It’s a rare sight where the ruggedness of the desert meets the delicate waves of the auroras! This shot is all thanks to the amazing photographer Carlos Dean Amador! Two words – simply stunning.

3. The Mighty Saguaro

Source: Instagram

Here’s another shot of the famous lights as seen from Tucson! It beautifully highlights the tranquility and stillness of the Arizona night, with the cameo of the treasured and mighty Saguaros! The photographer Nicholas Boettcher must have had a beautiful time capturing everything!

4. The lovely road

Source: Instagram

The starkness of the cactus against the swirling auroras creates a dramatic and almost poetic contrast. Photographer Ray Farmer couldn’t believe he was seeing this awesome view with his eyes far south! This was taken from Peralta Road, east of Phoenix.

5. Starry Night with Auroras

Source: Instagram

Just wow. Look at the Northern Lights intertwined with a blanket of stars. This photo taken by photographer and artist Ashley Darling highlights the celestial spectacle that’s nothing short of magical! Watson Lake in Prescott just became 3x more beautiful!

6. The Desert Glow

Source: Instagram

Seeing the Aurora Borealis will give you the most incredible night sky you have ever witnessed in your life. The same goes for photographer Nicholas Boettcher! The Arizona desert looks even more extraordinary with the auroras lighting up the sky above it.

7. The lights over the Arizona horizon

Source: Instagram

Imagine camping in your car, then going out to see the beautiful lights adding an ethereal quality to the landscape. That must be something! Well, photographer Steve Ginter experienced that and we think he must have felt that he’s stepping into a dream!

These Aurora Borealis Photos in Arizona are a testament to the unexpected and awe-inspiring beauty of the Northern Lights, even in a place as unexpected as The Grand Canyon State.

Which one is your favorite?

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