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7 Arizona Photos That Will Stun You With Its Beauty



Get inspired by the beautiful destinations in the Grand Canyon State by taking a look at the best Arizona photos! You will surely be inspired to go the distance given that there are so many adventures ahead of you.

Check out the beautiful undulating curves of this natural wonder!

Antelope Canyon
Source: Antelope Canyon | Shutterstock

The Antelope Canyon became a Windows wallpaper for a reason. You can just marvel at the sandstone slot canyon which is popular for its unrivaled glowing appearance. Make sure to prepare your photography materials or take a photography tour when visiting! That way, you’d be able to capture one of the best Arizona photos possible.

The sweeping views may distract you from your fear of heights.

The sweeping views and the lush high alpine desert is already spectacular. But imagine seeing it atop this massive yet delicate arch called the Devil’s Bridge. Make this part of your itinerary as this is one of Arizona’s most popular trails!

Fun Facts:

  • The elevation of this natural wonder is 400 feet. You can visit any time during the year, but visiting during winter makes for a more magical experience.
  • The arch may seem narrow, if you can handle heights, you’d find this one pretty wide to walk on.

A paradise that’s too impressive for words…

Enchantment Resort
Source: Enchantment Resort

Don’t you think this 5-star hotel is pure paradise? You can swim and lounge while taking in the beautiful view of dramatic red rocks and mountains in the Enchantment Resort! If you think about it, you can also relax by the fireplace in your suite.

What about this famous film location?

Monument Valley
Source: Monument Valley | Deposit Photos

Nothing says iconic more than this stretch of land in the Arizona! The Monument Valley is recognized as the most scenic destination in America and it’s no wonder why. Travel the flat desert landscape as you pretend to be part of a sci-fi Wild West film. Or you can appreciate the monoliths and rock formations as if you’re in space.

You’ll be enchanted by this place’s beauty.

Havasu Falls
Source: Havasu Falls | Shutterstock

Where do fairies go for a swim?

The famous Havasu Falls may just be the place we’re looking for. It is located near Supai with an appearance that will leave anyone speechless. We bet you will love the crystal blue waters of this place! Take a dip and freshen up after taking the hiking trail.

What can be more wonderful than this volcanic mountain range?

The San Francisco Peaks is a horseshoe-shaped inner basin that is actually a collapse caldera from San Francisco Mountain that formed at least thousands of years ago.

If you’re looking for a volcanic mountain range in north central Arizona, this is where you have to go!

We guess Autumn never looked too good!

This Kendrick peak is said to be one of the highest peaks found in the San Francisco volcanic field. If you’re about to plan a hike to the summit, you should prepare to be amazed. You’ll get excellent views of the surrounding plateau, including the San Francisco Peaks just to its east.

You can even see the Bill Williams Mountain to the south and the distant views of the Grand Canyon to the north. But of course, make sure to appreciate the gorgeous aspens along the way.

Which of these Arizona photos truly stunned you with its beauty? Share it with us in the comments below!