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7 Dreamy Arizona Autumn Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love With the State More




Summer is undoubtedly the busiest time in Arizona. But if you think you should only come during that season, you are mistaken! The state is a year-round destination, and you just need to find the best places to explore. We already showed you beautiful Arizona photos that will stun you with its beauty. But we want you to appreciate the beauty of fall with these Arizona Autumn photos. Check it out!

Here are 7 dreamy Arizona Autumn photos that will make you fall in love with the state more:

1. A good reason why you should visit Flagstaff

Flagstaff Autumn Arizona photos

Source: Instagram

Imagine coming to Flagstaff and seeing the beautiful leaves gently fall like rain on the ground. Don’t you just want to lay down on the ground and watch that moment while breathing in the fresh, brisk autumn air? Yes, that’s what we want to do right now.

Flagstaff is actually known as a leaf peeper’s paradise because this is where you can experience fall colors at their finest. You have a lot of options on how to enjoy the season. There are hiking trails where you can climb up to 8,000 feet in elevation. Imagine staying on top of a mountain and seeing the large stands of aspen trees steal the show with their golden glow.

If you want to hike around Flagstaff and capture awesome Arizona Autumn photos, make sure to hit any of the following trails:

Aspen Nature Loop. This trail lets you enjoy some of the most impeccable fall colors. The trail is relatively easy because the hike only has a length of 1.8 miles. Not to mention, you will see views of the San Francisco Peaks and Kendrick Mountain.

Wilson Meadow. When you come to Hart Prairie, make sure you check out Wilson Meadow that is brimming with meadows and aspen groves in an open landscape. The incredible sights of the foliage in this trail will make you fall in love!

2. You will be inspired in your play when you play in this golf club

Verrado Golf Club az

Source: Instagram

They say Fall comes a little late in the desert. But when you see it, you will definitely think that it looks pretty amazing. This photo was taken at the Verrado Golf Club. The said golf club is actually home to two Championship Golf Courses. Since it is located among the White Tank foothills, you can definitely expect amazing desert courses and vibrant oases.

Many golfers are inspired in their play here because of the magnificent views. We bet they also can’t resist capturing Arizona autumn photos in their breaktime. The players who come here include golfers of all skill levels who want to experience exceptional play in iconic desert landscapes. Of course, the premier golf tournaments and group outings are something they look forward to as well.

What a fabulous course, right?

3. Sometimes, you will really just be speechless by nature’s beauty

Parsons Trail hiking

Source: Instagram

If you love outdoor activities or wandering outside, then you should check out Parsons Trail. The hike up to this trail will definitely be pleasant because you will see the cool, clear desert stream set in a magnificent red rock canyon. You will reach a wilderness area where you can observe or see plant and animal life.

Many songbirds will be flying over the tall cottonwoods and thick mesquite bosques. One thing you will love about this trail is the experience of seeing the colorful cliffs that are a wonderful mix of dark columnar basalt, red sandstone, and buff-colored limestone. These cliffs seem to enclose and protect the lush green of the oasis.

Once you finish the hike, you will be above the canyon and see everything from a different perspective. This is exactly where you should go if you want to see the last gasp of fall. You can just hike up the Parsons Trail through the Sycamore Wilderness. It’s the best time to take Arizona Autumn photos because the view will be stunning. Perhaps, magical would be the more appropriate word to describe it. Truly, nature’s beauty is unmatched. Don’t you think so?

The display is definitely a good view for naturalists, photographers, and hikers.

4. Make your stroll around the lagoons much more worthwhile

Dead Horse Ranch State Park az

Source: Instagram

Some people think they can only capture Arizona Autumn photos when they hike different mountains. That is not true at all! In fact, you can take an easy getaway to a famous park if you want your eyes to feast on Fall colors. The Dead Horse Ranch State Park is an easy drive from Phoenix, and it perches on the banks of the Verde River and spreads across rolling hills. We definitely believe you’ll be engrossed in the lagoons because the way Autumn brightens up the place is just amazing.

You will see Cottonwoods, willows, alders and ash spread through this riparian corridor. The hues of yellow and orange will also make you feel happy and light. If you want to fall hard for fall, you should definitely come and see Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

5. Your mind will daydream of Autumn

Crescent Moon Ranch arizona autumn photos

Source: Instagram

Who would’ve thought that you can see the best Arizona Autumn photos at Crescent Moon Ranch? Tell you what. This place is indeed one of the most photographed scenes in the southwest. It towers Cathedral Rock reflected in the waters of Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing. Many people come here to do all sorts of fun activities with their family such as fishing, swimming, and wading in the creek. There are also some who just indulge in a delicious picnic or take a lot of beautiful photos. Since the place tends to get too crowded, you should plan your visit early in the morning or on a weekday. This is not just a great place to retreat to during summertime. It looks equally gorgeous during the Autumn season as well.

The beauty of the Red Rock Crossing is something you shouldn’t miss! It seems like a perfect spot for a romantic movie, right?

6. The hues of autumn are so beautiful

Aravaipa Canyon wilderness

Source: Instagram

If you want to take a challenging hike through a steep-sided river canyon, this is where you should go! Aravaipa Canyon lets you see willow trees that turn a stunning gold in fall. It is absolutely wonderful. The towering cliffs, flowing water and a rich diversity of flora and fauna are the highlights of this area. If you ask anyone, it is definitely one of Arizona’s truly unique areas. It sits on 19,410 acres of designated wilderness so you have plenty of space to experience solitude. In the fall, you will thoroughly be delighted by the red and golden leaves that are abundant in the Sonoran Desert landscape.

We understand that you’d want nothing more than to capture Arizona Autumn photos here, but remember to stay mentally alert when coming here. There are no designated trails, campsites, or signs. Aside from that, there are no facilities within the wilderness boundaries.

7. The Autumn reflections that you won’t get tired of looking at

Cave Creek Canyon az

Source: Instagram

Just look at the waters of Cave Creek ablaze with Autumn reflections. Isn’t it stunning?

If you are not familiar with Cave Creek Canyon, this place is actually a birder’s paradise. You can find it in southeastern Arizona, on the eastern side of the Chiricahua Mountains. There are over 200 species of birds that make this place their home. So you better prepare your binoculars, and identification book before you head out here. Of course, do not forget your camera so you can take photos of the beautiful birds. It would be great if you can also capture the stunning Arizona Autumn photos as well.

The best fall scenery months are October and November. Don’t forget that!

Arizona isn’t just known for its beautiful summer spots. You should also explore the state during Autumn! Do you have any photos that you want to share with us?

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