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Spend a Night in This Airbnb Bubble to Stargaze the Sedona Sky




You can expect a lot of fun things to do and awesome destinations in the famed Grand Canyon State. In fact, unique Arizona Airbnbs (one of which lets you sleep inside a real cave!) are also abundant! But let’s put the spotlight on this particular destination. The Sedona Stargazing Airbnb Bubble has been breaking the internet ever since it was posted. If you want to know why then you better keep reading.

Recalibrate Your Energy and Feel the Magic in Sedona Stargazing Airbnb Bubble

What if we tell you that you can rest and relax in a cozy and unique stargazing capsule? It also happens to be the perfect spot for appreciating the stunning mountain views because it feels as though you are closer to nature.

It’s placed on an outdoor deck to give you a better perspective. You don’t have to step outside the capsule just to see the Chimney Rock and the Thunder Mountain. You can simply lie down and relax beautifully because the view is laid out in front of you. But if you really want to stick your head out, well, no one’s stopping you. That way, you’ll get a visual of the beautiful Coffee Pot Rock!

The Stars – Uncensored

The stargazing capsule is actually an air-tight and spacious ventilated sphere that has a clear dome facing Sedona’s beautiful night sky. You won’t be claustrophobic inside because the clear sphere helps “eliminate” the space barriers. In fact, it will only make you feel closer to the sky. There is a comfortable inside so you can simply relax and watch the stars for as long as you want without breaking or straining your neck.

If you ask us, we think the Airbnb Bubble is the perfect home for people who want to experience a magical night of stars, clouds, and moon bathing. On that note, it seems like an hour of meditation also sounds good!

The colorful mood lighting that will highlight the Airbnb Bubble’s unique style will only make the experience even more magical!

Note: You can request for extra blankets, warm hats, a space heater and heated blankets for your stargazing experience.

If you want to take a shower to feel refreshed, you can proceed to the clean and well-maintained bathroom. Just like the beds in the Stargazing Bubble, the bathroom also has curtains with a cute design.

Airbnb Bathroom
Source: Airbnb/Kathy

The Sedona Stargazing Airbnb Bubble is for when you want to stargaze, meditate, or simply relax. But there is a different room if you are ready to call it a day. When you are ready to sleep, you can just transfer to the cozy room.

Airbnb Bedroom
Source: Airbnb/Kathy

Don’t think that stargazing is the only activity in this unique Airbnb Bubble. The owners are also hosting free meditation classes during most morning and some evenings. You are free to join because everybody is invited. Note: Remember to check and inquire about the times and location.

What You Should Know Before You Go:

  • The Sedona Stargazing Airbnb Bubble is also within walking distance to famous hiking trails. So if you want to explore the place a bit more, you are free to do so. Guests may also ask the owners about places they can visit. It doesn’t hurt to ask for local suggestions!
  • All guests may use the cozy bathroom complete will all amenities such as towels, shampoos, soaps, and hairdryer. These are offered by the owner for convenience.
  • Complimentary WiFi is also provided.
  • If you are coming during the winter season, please dress appropriately. The Stargazing Bubble may get chilly (even with heated blankets) because it is not insulated.

The Sedona Stargazing Airbnb Bubble is also just a walk away from these famous attractions:

  • Thunder Mountain – 9-minute walk
  • Amitabha Stupa Peace Park – 11-minute walk

It is also close to other famous Sedona landmarks such as Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Devil’s Bridge, Boynton Canyon, and more. These destinations are only a short drive away.

Rate: $79.5 per person per night (inclusive of cleaning fee, service fee, and occupancy tax and fee) *Rate is based on a booking of 2 guests

Check out the Airbnb listing for the full details.

What are you waiting for? See the beautiful skies of Sedona from your own peaceful bubble. Don’t forget to share your experience with us once you’re done visiting this beautiful place! Feel like stargazing so more? Don’t forget to check out other amazing stargazing spots in Arizona!

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