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Arizona Nicknames You May Not Know

How Many of These Arizona Nicknames Have You Heard?

Arizona is a diverse and beautiful state. Most people have no idea just how many Arizona nicknames there are. Let’s take a look at many different nicknames Arizona goes by.

1) The Official Arizona Nickname: The Grand Canyon State

Okay, we know. This one’s a little obvious. But, I mean, if you had this kind of beauty in your state, wouldn’t you flaunt it too?

2) The Apache State

Flickr User boomychevi
Flickr User boomychevi

Many Apache people have fought to call Arizona home. It’s part of our heritage!

3) The Baby State

Arizona was the last of the continental states to join the Union. That was in 1912, and it was another 47 years before we welcomed Alaska and Hawaii. The youngest is always the favorite, right?

4) The Copper State

Flickr User Dan Sorensen
Flickr User Dan Sorensen

Arizona produces more copper than any other state in the union. You can see copper represented by the star on the state flag and on the copper dome of the Arizona State Capitol Building.

5) The Aztec State

In the Gila and Salt River Valleys, you can find ruins left by the Aztec people. Here are some people keeping the Aztec culture alive in the present day.

6) The Valentine State

Did we mention that Arizona was finally added to the Union on February 14th? Because of this, it is also known as the Valentine State.

7) The Sunset State

Flickr User Bob Bales
Flickr User Bob Bales

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. No state tops Arizona’s breathtaking sunsets! I’d argue that this is probably the best of all of the Arizona nicknames.

8) The Sand Hill State

Flickr User David Coppedege
Flickr User David Coppedege

This one is a tribute to the desert landscapes across the state. You’re virtually always within view of some beautiful piece of nature.

9) Italy of America

Flickr User AzMau
Flickr User AzMau

Arizona’s beautiful mountains and landscapes have often been compared to the iconic vistas of Italy. If you ask us, we’ve got them beat!

Do you have a nickname for Arizona that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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