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Be in Awe of the Arizona Skies With the Interactive Stargazing Experience at Arizona’s Famous Observatory

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The observatory responsible for discovering Pluto is now offering a unique and safe experience you should definitely try one of these days. If you are a fan of looking at the beautiful Arizona skies, the new Lowell Observatory Stargazing activity is perfect for you. The interactive session lets you see the mesmerizing celestial objects from the safety of your home!

The New Lowell Observatory Stargazing Experience Lets You Explore the Universe From Your Home

Sometimes, the only good way to take your mind off the global health crisis is to look at the sky and the heavens above you and marvel at its beauty. Everybody needs a timeout, even for just a short while. If you think that is a good idea, then you should check out the new Lowell Observatory Stargazing experience that prepares you for an amazing night of Interactive Stargazing! They started this activity last summer, and they plan to continue it so they can still bring and share the wonders of the cosmos with you.

The most recent observation took place last July 30, wherein the educators hosted a session at the Giovale Open Deck Observatory. They showcased some planned celestial objects through the 14″ PlaneWave CDK telescope. It’s unbelievable because the activity is definitely stargazing – reimagined.

They showcased the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Whirlpool Galaxy, Enceladus, Lagoon Nebula, Wild Duck Cluster, and more. Perhaps the star of that interactive session was the NEOWISE Comet. The people watching the live Lowell Observatory Stargazing activity can also choose which objects to see next by commenting on their suggestions in the chatbox. If you are not so sure what to request, they have a handy guide in their website that can fill you in on what’s visible in the night sky right now, as well as in the coming months.

This Place Is Where History and Science Come Together

Interactive Lowell Observatory Stargazing Activity

Source: Instagram

Lowell Observatory is indeed dedicated to the history of the universe, as well as modern scientific research. In fact, they take pride in their motto saying that their place is where history and science come together. If you have been to this observatory, then you might have enjoyed the guided tours of the historic campus. You can even walk along the famous path Clyde Tombaugh took the night he discovered Pluto. After that, you will be glued to the widescreen multimedia shows. There are also different exhibits and live presentations that let you experience the cosmos. Just pick one and enjoy the moment.

What’s So Great About the Lowell Observatory Stargazing Experience?

Lowell Observatory stargazing az

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While Lowell Observatory is closed until further notice to help deter the spread of the coronavirus, they hope you can count the days when it’s safe to experience their daily sun viewing and nightly stargazing. When you come here, you’ll notice that they are using six advanced telescopes that will give you a viewing experience that goes far beyond seeing faint smudges of light. From the telescope, you will be in awe of the rich star fields and planets full of color. You will even see the galaxies and nebulae, including the famously dark skies of Flagstaff. There is an abundance of celestial treasures waiting to be discovered! In fact, there is no exaggeration when we say that this might be the greatest stargazing experience you have ever had.

Crab Nebula lowell observatory stargazing

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The observatory uses the following telescopes to capture celestial wonders. Here’s what you should expect:

  • Sweeping eyepiece views of rich star fields through a 5.5-inch TEC wide-field refractor
  • Close-up views of the moon, including planets and other dense globular star clusters through an 8-inch Moonraker Victorian refractor
  • A detailed structure of the nebulae and galaxies through a Starstructure Dobsonian reflector that is powered by a huge quartz mirror
  • High-powered views of the planets, star clusters, and nebulae through the 16-inch Meade ACF catadioptric reflector
  • A look at the elemental components of a starfield in real-time through a PlaneWave CDK catadioptric reflector

In addition to that, Lowell Observatory uses a 14-inch PlaneWave CDK catadioptric reflector. The equipment lets you see more details than your eyes can see alone. Isn’t that amazing? It’s safe to say that you will see the sky’s raw and naked beauty when you come here.

See the Arizona Skies From the Giovale Open Deck Observatory

Giovale Open Deck Observatory az

Source: Instagram

There are also lots of daytime exhibits that highlight the science of spectroscopy at the Giovale Open Deck Observatory. This part of the observatory is named after the place’s longtime philanthropists, John and Ginger Giovale. Wander around and you will see the different telescopes the astronomers use, as well as their methods on how to preserve dark skies in Arizona and beyond. There is no doubt that you will leave only feeling more connected to the wonders of the sky.

Giovale Open Deck Observatory 1

Source: Instagram

If your love for astronomy encourages you to become a member of this observatory, just know that it’s a good decision. Think of your membership as your ticket the Universe. Why? You’ll be supporting the different astronomical research and astronomy-themed STEM education and outreach there. Not to mention, you will get free admission to both day and night activities as often as you like. It’s your chance to make Stargazing Fridays a thing! Lastly, you will enjoy a 10% discount in the Starry Skies Shop.

Website: https://lowell.edu/

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