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You Can Sleep Inside A Real Life Cave Right Here in Arizona on AirBNB

Suny Errot



Most cave trips to Arizona are for pure sightseeing. Luckily for you, you can grab the one-of-a-kind opportunity to actually stay and sleep in one, like how the Native Americans did in the past. This Cave Airbnb in Sedona will be your dream come true! And no, you don’t have to carve your bed or anything.

The home of Native American Indians over 600 years ago

You can call it your home, too! The Cave is a unique vacation rental located 22 miles away from uptown Sedona. It is hidden inside the private property and would require a guide to help you get there.

The place is kept as authentic as possible to give all guests the experience of living in an actual cave. It’s furnished with just the right items to make it habitable and comfortable for everyone. The sleeping beds are even covered with appropriate prints that will remind you to go out at night to gawk at the starry vistas.

Get cozy in this Cave in Sedona

cave airbnb in Sedona
Cave AirBNB in Sedona

This unique Cave has an indoor fireplace and candles that set the perfect mood for relaxation or meditation. Since the ambiance is an important factor when trying to clear your head, the owners already made it a point to make it perfect for you. As if the beautiful nature outside is not enough, huh?

The beauty of the wilderness

Cave Airbnb Creek Arizona
Source: Cave Airbnb Creek | Airbnb/Dan and Kat

The walk up to this Cave in Sedona is quite promising. There’s a lot of steep terrain on the hiking trail. You’ll also find a creek just below the cave where you can take a refreshing swim. It is safe and cool, but you should also keep in mind the safety rules as it goes for the regular swimming pool. Do not leave your kids unattended at all times. If you want to rent a boat, you can do so. You may just ask the owner.

Frankly speaking, this place may bring out the adventurer in you.

Cave Airbnb Sky View
Source: View of the Sky from the Cave | Airbnb/Dan and Kat

Every visitor anticipates night time. Why? Well, it’s the perfect time to look up and be in awe of the thousands of stars that dress up the sky. You can admire it while lying on your bed, or chilling on the hammock. In fact, you should try and catch the sunrise from your bed. We promise it’s a sight to behold!

Tip: While it sounds a bit weird, this cave is a great spot if you want to propose to your other half. It may not be the usual grand place most couples prefer when they pop the big question, but the natural charm will more than makeup for the lavishness! Think about it. You are proposing in the most earthly way possible. How’s that for memorable?

Don’t forget to ask to take photos with the wolves at the Wolf Sanctuary nearby!

wolf sanctuary sedona

What you should know if you plan to visit the Cave Airbnb in Sedona 

  • Summer is a good time to visit because it will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler inside the cave than it is outside. On the other hand, the winter season will be much warmer.
  • You may encounter any animals which are natural to Arizona given that this is a wilderness experience.
  • Guests cannot bring their pets here. However, you may ask the owners about their dogs. You may see them upon request.
  • If you wish to use a regular bathroom, you may proceed to the full bathroom inside the house.
  • No fires allowed inside the cave or property.
  • Check-in time is strictly 4:00pm – 9:00pm. Please contact the host if you need exceptions.
  • Checkout time is 10:00 am.

Don’t take too long to think about visiting this Cave in Sedona! It’s almost always fully booked. But if it is booked, it’s not the only furnished cave for you to stay the night in. The Grand Canyon Caverns Cave Motel Room is also another interesting destination.