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Check out These 5 Drone Videos of Arizona That Will Take You on an Aerial Tour of Our Beautiful State




Arizona is one of the states in the United States of America that is most wanted as a travel destination. Times like this are hard, but thanks to the  amazing technology that is present in the world, we can see a lot of travel destinations without leaving our homes. It also captures the beauty of the place from such an awesome viewpoint, too! It’s high above the ground and you can see the entirety of the natural wonder. We compiled 5 Drone Videos of Arizona travel-worthy places that have an amazing aerial view.

Note: We just want to do our part in sharing the must-visit places in Arizona, and at the same time, leave you breathless!

1. The Horseshoe Bend is Simply Stunning and You Know It.

Robert Machado and his friends went to the Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona and captured something incredible! His drone video showed the pleasant day trip at the Horseshoe Bend, featuring the vibrant color of the landscapes as well as how Colorado River flows through it. Ah, how we wish we can be transported to this place after watching the video? You have to watch it again and again. We can’t get enough of the slow reveal of the beautiful destination at the start. We have to thank the heavens for this beautifully crafted u-shape meander.

Highlight of the drone video: the big reveal of the Horseshoe Bend. 

Horseshoe Bend AZ

Source: Youtube

2. White Pocket is a Beautiful Space That Looks Like Something From Another Planet.

Why go to outer space when you can find something similar on Earth? Before you say anything, we just need to get something out of our system. This video is out-of-this-world! It’s totally insane! This drone video features the White Pocket located at the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Andrew Studer made this short film called “Space To Roam” which shows an astronaut exploring the landscapes of White Pocket as if he just landed on space. The objective of this film is to promote the safety of the public lands as well as the preservation of history. Well, kudos to him. We certainly enjoyed the video a lot. Hey, if you dig otherworldly places in Arizona, you should check our article on places that look like they’re from another planet.

Highlight of the drone video: the astronaut walking and exploring the vast, otherworldly land. 

White Pocket drone videos in arizona

Source: Youtube

3. You’ll Be Enchanted by the Havasu Falls.

Havasupai Falls is certainly one of the most beautiful places to see in Arizona. So it only makes sense that it’s included in a list of drone videos in Arizona. Check out the awesome video posted by Eagle Eyes that shows the landscape and the whole trail. You’ll also see the famous Havasu Falls and its crystal clear blue waters.

Here’s a little spoiler: The video covers the hike going to the falls where you can see different rocky landscapes, and eventually to the main event, which is the Havasu Falls. Well, we’re still all lucky enough to see this picturesque aerial view especially now when drones have been banned.

Highlight of the drone video: the Havasu Falls from another angle. It definitely shows the enormity of the whole natural wonder.

Havasu Falls drone videos of arizona

Source: Youtube

4. Spending Winter in Phoenix is Pretty Rad!

This drone video is by Max Swiergol. It features his super fun winter experience in Phoenix. It rarely snows in here but you can see how beautiful the capital of Arizona is. You can see so much diversity in one video as it captures Phoenix from different perspectives. You’ll see the city business district, resorts, residential area, landscapes, forests, and a lot more. Try to guess all the locations in the video. It even has a few shots of Scottsdale and Tempe. So far, the highlights are Camelback Mountain, Desert Botanical Gardens, and Hole in the Rock Mountain. Don’t you think Swiergol’s beautiful editing transports you right to Phoenix?

Highlight of the drone video: aerial view in hues of brown and orange. 

Phoenix arizona aerial view

Source: Youtube

5. Oh, Sedona!

Sedona is known as a place of enlightenment, and we can feel such powerful energy just by watching this video! It is believed to be a place where you can feel certain forces coming from the Earth. They have vortex spots or special vortices, which are known as destinations of healing and rejuvenation. Even if you are staying at home, feel free to enjoy this virtual tour of Sedona through this drone video. Chris Season spent days on his hiking trip and he captured footage of amazing places in Sedona like the Doe Mountain, Cathedral Rock, and Devil’s Bridge. Oh, we just want to do a hike now.

Highlight of the drone video: impressive view of Sedona’s land. 

Sedona az

Source: Youtube

Which of the drone videos of Arizona did you like the most? If you have enjoyed these virtual tours, feel free to share it with your family and friends.

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