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Check Out this Mesmerizing Handmade 3D Art in the Middle of the Park in Arizona




Art is a form of self-expression that helps humans navigate their emotions and feelings without uttering a word. When you see phenomenal art created right in front of your eyes, you can’t help but marvel at it. And there’s one 3D mega art piece that caught my attention: Her Secret Is Patience. You don’t want to miss out on this majestic work.


“Her Secret is Patience,” is a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture by renowned artist Janet Echelman. This vibrant art captivates the eyes and also ignites the spirit of wonder and creativity.

Janet Echelman, known for her awe-inspiring aerial sculptures, brought “Her Secret is Patience” to life. Inspired by Arizona’s desert landscapes and the ever-changing patterns of sky and clouds, Echelman’s design captures the essence of natural beauty in a symphony of colors and forms.


This mega 3D art piece soars 145 feet high, hangs 38 feet above ground, and shoots over 100 feet into the air—now that’s what we call sky-high awesomeness! It’s built from tough galvanized steel, snazzy polyester twine netting, and a rainbow of colored lights. But here’s the real magic—it wasn’t just magic that made it happen. A dream team of artists, tech whizzes, and design superheroes collaborated to bring this colossal creation to life, a testament to the power of collective creativity.

You’ll find this enchanting sculpture at the Civic Space Park, nestled in downtown Phoenix near the bustling Phoenix Convention Center. Crafted from Spectra, a lightweight and durable material, the sculpture dances gracefully with the wind, creating a dynamic spectacle that evolves with each passing moment.


The fluidity of “Her Secret is Patience” mirrors the ebb and flow of nature. During the day, watch as the sculpture responds to the gentle breezes, its undulating shapes casting playful shadows on the ground. As night falls, the sculpture transforms into a radiant beacon, illuminated by colorful LED lights that paint the sky with a magical glow.


Beyond its aesthetic beauty, the title “Her Secret is Patience” invites contemplation. It speaks of nature’s timeless rhythms. You see, the concept behind ‘Her Secret Is Patience’ involves crafting ‘shadow drawings,’ a creative idea sparked by the artist’s fascination with Arizona’s captivating cloud shadows during her initial trip.

“Her Secret is Patience” has become more than a sculpture; it’s a symbol of Phoenix’s vibrant art scene and commitment to public creativity. Locals and visitors alike flock to the Civic Space Park, drawn by the allure of this captivating artwork. Its international acclaim highlights Janet Echelman’s mastery and the universal appeal of public art done right.


Location: 424 N Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004
Please note the sculpture is not lit every night, so check before you visit at

As you stand before “Her Secret is Patience,” let your imagination take flight. Lose yourself in its rhythmic dance with the elements that lies within patience and artistry. This is more than a sculpture—it’s a journey into wonder and inspiration.


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