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Dine Next to a Waterfall at This Beautiful Restaurant in Phoenix

Suny Errot



What’s the first thing that goes into your mind when you hear about waterfalls in Arizona? Most people would say Havasu, Grand, and Navajo Falls. Yes, these are some of the most popular works of nature. But if you’re like most of us who have little to no time to head to these destinations, you might consider the Market Cafe in Phoenix a wonderful alternative!

Invigorate Your Senses in This Beautiful Restaurant

This restaurant in Phoenix is called the Market Cafe. You can find it in The Buttes, Marriott Phonix Resort Tempe, where they operate from 6 am to 2 pm. 

We suggest that you go here early especially if you have checked in the resort. There’s nothing better than being served with the fresh-est breakfast while there aren’t that many people yet. While the food may seem costly (it is), you will not regret this experience. Dining next to a waterfall with a view of the luxury resort, and Phoenix’s natural landscapes. It’s simply amazing. This is probably the best place to take a first date considering its romantic yet relaxing atmosphere. 

Restaurant Waterfall Arizona
Source: TripAdvisor/ogariepy

What about the waterfalls?

Since the waterfall is inside a restaurant, don’t expect it to be as gigantic as the Akaka Falls. Still, you’ll find that its size doesn’t make it any less of a waterfall. You’ll feel relaxed while eating at Market Cafe with the sound of the splashes calming your senses.

The bottom of the falls serves as a fish pond for Koi. You cannot swim there, but you sure can enjoy watching the brightly colored fishes swimming through the pond. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Market Cafe is best known for its breakfast meals

…but you certainly can’t go wrong with their fine dining meals for lunch. You can boost up your day by getting coffee. If you’re not a coffee person, you should try their milk, tea or juice instead. 

Guests with big appetites can avail the buffet to make the most of their buck. Additionally, they can choose from Market Cafe’s flavorful ala carte meals depending on their taste. Would you like a heavy breakfast? Then choose All American. It includes eggs, hash brown, and your choice of meat (bacon or sausages and muffin). But if you’re a health-conscious guy, you may also try their “Good Start” set which is a combination of oatmeal, milk, and fruits.

Their food will be your next guilty pleasure

This beautiful restaurant in Phoenix also a wide variety of food that will surely make you drool!


  • Get a full-course experience by ordering Chicken Quesadilla. Follow up with some soup, salad, and tacos! Then, choose your main course and end your meal with a glass of wine.
  • Reserve early especially if you’re bringing a big group. A lot of people would also want to eat here, that’s why it’s better to be prepared.
  • Choose a spot where you’ll be able to appreciate the waterfall’s view.

Book your stay at The Buttes, Marriot Resort Tempe, to experience not only Market Cafe, but to relax and enjoy the resort as a whole.

Location: 2000 W Westcourt Way Tempe, Arizona, 85282

Website: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/phxtm-phoenix-marriott-resort-tempe-at-the-buttes/

We have a lot of recommended restaurants in Arizona. But we want to know how you feel about the Market Cafe! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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