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Drive in Movie Theaters Are Making a Comeback in Arizona and These 5 Are Worth Visiting




This year has totally become one crazy ride. From living a busy life, we suddenly transition to staying inside our homes for days, avoiding public contact, and pretty much living a quarantined life. Lucky for us, we can count on a few things to keep our spirits lifted. You can just look at how big the Grand Canyon is from space, or be in awe of hauntingly beautiful photos of the Arizona monsoon. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can always just visit these drive-in movie theaters in Arizona.

These drive-in movie theaters in Arizona are making a comeback and are absolutely worth visiting:

1. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

What better way to spend the day than to watch a feel-good movie on a giant, inflatable screen while in the comfort and safety of your vehicle? If you’re just in Scottsdale, you better head straight to Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. According to their schedule, you can enjoy some family-friendly movies such as Shrek, Toy Story 4, A Dog’s Journey, Secret Life of Pets 2, Coco, and more on Friday and Saturday nights through May 30. Maybe you have a kid at home who’s celebrating his or her birthday in the coming days. Don’t you think a good movie in one of the awesome drive-in movie theaters in Arizona is a nice gift? Plus, if you come visit, your heart will feel much better because this is for a good cause. All proceeds will be used to help the hotel workers.


  • All guests and moviegoers must stay inside their vehicles at all times, except for when they need to go to the restroom. Social distancing rules must still be adhered to at all times.
  • Gathering outside of vehicles is strictly prohibited.
  • Vehicles are required to park in the marked spots, which are all 10 feet away from each other.
  • Vehicles are prohibited from consuming alcohol while on-premise.

Location: 7575 E. Princess Drive Scottsdale, Arizona

2. Moonlight Movie Nights

Moonlight Movie Nights scottsdale drive-in movie theaters in arizona

Source: Facebook

The idea of watching all your favorite flicks with your quarantine crew is pretty promising. To watch it in a pop-up drive-in traveling to various areas? Now, that’s even better. The Moonlight Movie Nights offers an incredible pop-up motion picture experience combined with a window-side service from several local restaurants. It’s exactly like being in a movie theater because everything is there for you.

Reminder: If your total restaurant receipt amounts to at least $20, your movie ticket will be reimbursed.

Location: 15449 N. Hayden. Rd. Scottsdale, Arizona (Sonora Village Best Buy parking Lot. Entrance of the drive-in can be accessed from Arriba Dr. on the southern side of Best Buy)

3. Digital Drive In AZ

Digital Drive In AZ drive-in movie theaters in arizona

Source: Instagram

You’re lucky if you get the chance to visit one of the coolest drive-in movie theaters in Arizona! Digital Drive In AZ takes pride in being the first social distancing drive-in movie experience to a lot of individuals. They even boast a massive 40’ digital high-definition screen, a first in the state, so you can really enjoy the whole experience, not just the movie. They’re not playing around.


  • Digital Drive In AZ is open seven nights a week, and shows films that have been out for some time.
  • Bring snacks and drinks you can enjoy while watching the movie.

Location: 1901 N. Alma School Rd., Mesa Arizona

4. Schnepf Farms

Schnepf Farms az

Source: Facebook

You’ve already seen the famous farms in Arizona that lets you pick your own goodies, right? Well, one of them just transformed into a drive-in movie theater as a way of lifting the spirits of anyone during this pandemic crisis. Prepare to watch some of your all-time favorite movies, and other classics! Go check out Schnepf Farms right now.


  • You can watch films from Wednesday-Sunday nights, with showtimes varying between 7:30 pm and 8 pm.
  • You’re in this for the thrill! The farm will only disclose the name of the movie once a ticket purchase has been made due to the licensing agreement.
  • There are restrooms on-site within walking distance. You must still practice social distancing.
  • Movie Schedules by Genre:
    Wednesday: Action, suspense, adventure, romantic comedy movies
    Thursday: Family-friendly movies
    Friday: Action, suspense, adventure, romantic comedy movies
    Saturday: Family-friendly movies
    Sundays: Classic movies

Location: 24810 E Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek, Arizona

5. West Wind Drive-In And Public Market

West Wind Drive-In And Public Market Boho Van

Source: Instagram

There are only a few permanent drive-in movie theaters in Arizona. And this right here, is one of them. West Wind Drive-In And Public Market have been open for quite some time, and it’s a delight they’re still open up to this day. Snag a good spot, and prepare to laugh, cry, and smile while watching your favorite movies.


  • Moviegoers are required to remain inside their vehicles or truck bed.
  • The gates open at 7 pm sharp.

Location: 5650 N. 55th Avenue, Glendale, Arizona

Have you been to any of these drive-in movie theaters in Arizona lately? Tell us all about your experience! We’d love to hear it. In the meantime, you may also want to check out our article on 15 things you see only in Arizona for a good laugh. Or you can learn something new with these 30 facts about the state you probably didn’t know. 

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