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Everyone Has to Check Out This Magical Lake in Arizona Before They Die



Isn’t a purely scenic escape one of the best things to do whenever you’re out for a vacation? It will come as no surprise that such places inspire many artists for decades because of its beauty and mystique. Lake Powell in Arizona is no different. Everyone has to check this out before they die!

Lake Powell
Source: Lake Powell | Shutterstock/LucasHeplerPhotography

The place with two million visitors per year

Lake Powell is a reservoir found on the Colorado River straddling between Arizona and Utah. While most of it is actually in Utah, it is still considered a major vacation spot in Arizona. It features miles of shoreline, perfect weather, and endless sunshine.

Any guest will agree that the canyons make for extremely beautiful scenery. You also can’t find the land features anywhere else. Lake Powell is incredibly beautiful and massive for a man-made lake. It has 90 side canyons, with some going for 25 miles deep. Its shoreline stretches for almost 2,000 miles which rivals the total coastline of Pacific Coast states.

Check out Lake Powell’s deep clear blue waters as well as its surrounding landscape.

What can you do in Lake Powell?

Lake Powell Swimming
Source: Lake Powell | Kendall Bennett

Lake Powell is the ultimate playground! Try doing the following activities:

  • Rent a houseboat or find a good lodging place and chill as you take in the scenery with your family and friends.
  • Stay in the Arizona border and explore Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s beaches, canyons, and boating.
  • It is said that Lake Powell is a good destination for water sports. Try water skiing, wakeboarding, or travel into small canyons using a small boat for a hiking adventure.
  • Go on hiking adventures or visit eroded formations. You can visit the Horseshoe Bend which is one of the most photographed places in Arizona. It is part of the Glen Canyon. And if you’re feeling more energetic, you can take the Spencer Trail just north of Lees Ferry. It is a relatively short climb to the sandstone cliffs forming the lower end of Glen Canyon.

Another way to see the magical lake

Some people prefer to be present at the destination, while some prefer to view and admire it from afar. If you’re tired of the usual guided tours or houseboat activity, you should consider taking a scenic drive!

  • If you’re coming from Utah, drive southeast of Big Water town on U.S. 89 and head toward Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The view, which looks like the landscape of the Monument Valley area, will soon open up!
  • If you don’t mind driving on unpaved route, then you can take the Burr Trail. It is mostly outside the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and has several miles inside the boundary as well. Take this road only during dry weather so it’s accessible to passenger cars.

How can you get to Lake Powell?

Antelope Point Marina Arizona
Source: Antelope Point Marina | Hospitality Online

Several entrances grant access to Lake Powell. For instance, you can either take the Wahweap Marina or Antelope Point Marina in Arizona, or the Dangling Rope Marina and Bullfrog Marina in Utah.

It’s not the only lake in Arizona, but don’t you just think Lake Powell is a real must-visit?

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