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Get Away From the Crowd and Explore the Natural Wonders of Arizona With Llamas

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Who knew hiking with llamas is even a thing? Well, if you are traveling to the Grand Canyon State, you can bet that all the unique and wonderful experiences are possible. It must be time to rediscover Arizona, visit the less-traveled places and avoid crowds with a llama! Check out this awesome experience you might want to sign up for in your next visit:

An Epic Adventure Awaits When You Go Hiking With Llamas

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You have the option to go hiking with llamas, and spend a few hours to a whole day in Prescott just exploring the beautiful granite boulders, and one of the many lakes, or enjoying the breeze from the surrounding cool pines. Alternatively, you can head to Northern Arizona and spend a whole day or more hiking in the Williams area. Guests may also opt to hike north of the Grand Canyon. If you believe that nothing beats the time spent in the woods, this is perfect for you!

There is something for everyone here since there are different packages you can choose from.

You Can Meet the Llamas and Hike Along the Shores of a Beautiful Lake

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If you prefer sightseeing in a relatively flat trail, the $85 per person hike along the lake filled with waterfowl might be your best choice. For this hike, guests will be able to stroll through giant sycamore trees while being serenaded by a variety of birds. Your guide will also share some stories about the prehistoric inhabitants of this area and the history of why this lake was built. Not only that, the fuzzy llamas that keep you company are there to make everything better!

Step Away From Your Hectic Life and Go on a Half-Day Hike

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Granite Dells, with its distinctive large rocks that have eroded into round lumpy boulders, is such a beautiful natural wonder in Arizona. If you go on a half-day hike, you will be able to hike around the lake bordered by the Granite Dells, while gazing out at the numerous waterfowl gliding on the lake. The 5-mile hike will take you 4 hours or more, but you won’t even realize that time is passing by because you will be in awe of the beauty of nature the whole time. The price for this hike was once $185, but now it’s just $160.

The Best Thing About Hiking With Llamas? You Can Embrace Cool Pines and Get Mountain Vistas

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Sometimes, a short or even a half-day trek is not enough. If you really want a whole day of adventure, you might as well book a full-day llama hike. Maybe you want to spend the whole day with the whole llamas, or maybe you are just fond of beautiful views. Either way,  This is available for the whole year, but you must pre-book your slot at least 24 hours in advance. The trip also requires two persons as a minimum, with the price to be discussed.

You Can Meet the Whole Llama Herd in the New Ranch Visits!

The new ranch visits will let you meet the whole llama bunch, the camels, and even the desert tortoise. Feel free to feed and pet all the critters. We know you will take your time there. This activity costs $20 for each adult, $8 for children aged 6 to 12 years old, and free for kids 5 and below.

The Northern Arizona Adventures Will Give You the Experience of a Lifetime

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The two-hour hikes are perfect for families who just want to relax, see incredible views, and go wildlife viewing! There is the two-hour hike that will take you along the Arizona Trail, North Kaibab National Forest. It costs $85 per adult, and $45 for kids 6 & under. These kids must be under the supervision of 2 adults. On the other hand, one can avail of half-day hikes that are much more difficult than the 2-hour hike. For this one, expect high elevation and climbing!

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What’s next after that? Of course, the biggest adventurers would love the 6-8 hour hike that will lead to open green meadows and extremely fabulous views. The hikers who wish to participate in this activity should be in excellent hiking shape. All Day Adventures price is $350 per person for a group of 3 or more. Make sure to call for rates!

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The multi-day llama treks that will lead you through quaking aspens and evergreen forest is also worth checking out. Get ready to explore the Arizona Trail in the North Kaibab National Forest, as well as the beautiful Williams area in the South Kaibab National Forest. The rates vary per trek duration – it is $780 per person for the 2-day trek, while it costs $1140 for a 3-day trek. As for the trail distance, it ranges from 10 miles to 25 miles.

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Lastly, if you like to go on an adventure with your female besties, there are women’s multi-day trips that will fuel your spirit of adventure. The price is the same as the multi-day treks, except for this one, you’ll be with female outdoor enthusiasts, and you will also visit swimming holes and get canyon views. You can also just watch the turkey vultures fly below you while you are sitting on the rim of a gorgeous canyon. These are the trips you’d never want to end!

Arizona Llama Hike Details

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Contact No: 928 642 3324

Today is a good day to go hiking with llamas because of the cooler temperatures and cloudy skies!

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