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Get Your Facts About Route 66 Arizona



1) Route 66 Has Been Called The Main Street of America

Neon lights light up the Route 66 stencil on the road.

Route 66 also has been called the Mother Road and Will Rogers Highway.

2) It Was Paved in 1926

Old photo of Route 66 crossing the National Old Trails Highway
Flickr User P. Bieniek

It crosses the path of the National Old Trails Highway that came before it.

3) The Highway Originally Passed Through 8 States!

An old rusty car sits on Route 66.
Flickr User coolgk

Count ’em! Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

4) Route 66 Covers 2,451 Miles!

Bikers ride into the sunset on Route 66 in California.

Now *that’s* a road trip. Though we believe Route 66 Arizona is the best part of the highway to explore. Especially by motorcycle.

5) Route 66 Has its Own Songs and TV Shows

A woman sits on the backseat of an old car in front of the Highway 66 sign.

Bobby Troup wrote the song “(Get Your Kicks) On Route 66.” Also, the CBS TV show “Route 66” featured two young men in a Corvette on their road trip across the United States.

6) Businesses Prosper Along the Edge of Route 66

The Frontier Motel lit up at night.
Flickr User John Ulmanis

Route 66 is so popular and has so much traffic, that there is a visible economic impact on the communities it passes through.

7) Route 66 Was Connected to the U.S. Highway System in 1985

An old rusted automobile sits out in the Arizona desert.
Flickr User mokastet

The members of the communities surrounding Route 66 fought to keep the highway but were ultimately defeated.

8) Parts of Route 66 Have Been Designated as National Scenic Byways

Two street signs for Page, Albuquerque, Phoenix, an Los Angeles along the hightway.
Flickr User Arne

You can also find these parts on a present-day map and drive them in Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, and New Mexico.

9) People Have Stenciled the U.S. Route 66 Arizona Shield

Route 66 shield stenciled on the road.
Flickr User Vincente Villamon

This isn’t just for looks! Instead, it became a simple solution after repeated thefts of the ” Route 66″ signs by tourists and souvenir hunters. Local communities decided to act and fix these problems for good.

10) It is Preserved by a Federation

Route 66 desert road in Arizona.

The National Historic Route 66 Federation is also a nonprofit organization that has existed for 22 years now. It strives to remind the public about Route 66’s historic importance.