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Go on This Short Hike to Discover Ancient Hieroglyphic Drawings and a Beautiful Waterfall Oasis

Suny Errot



Do you like hiking? In Arizona, there’s a lot of hiking trails to choose from with different levels of difficulty. If you’re the type of person who hates getting tired but still want to experience hiking, we’ve got just the place for you! Check out the Hieroglyphic Trail. It’s perfect for families and newbie hikers.

The Hieroglyphic Trail Leads to a Beautiful Valley With Native Hieroglyphs

Hieroglyphic Trail az

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The Hieroglyphic Trail won’t take too much of your time and effort. This 2.8-mile hike is perfect for those who are up for an adventure yet only possess little experience. If you think about it, it’s an Arizona hike that is perfect for beginners. And of course, just because it’s relatively easy doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the good stuff. Just like any other trail in the state, there is a surprise that awaits you at the end of the trail.

Hiking to the Hieroglyphic Trail Is Like Traveling to Ancient Times

Hieroglyphic Trail arizona

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Imagine hiking and learning about ancient times, isn’t that spectacular? This will be very interesting to you if you fancy both history and outdoor adventures. You don’t even need to visit a museum because you can hit two birds with one stone by hiking here. While hiking through the Hieroglyphic Trail, you’ll see ancient Indian petroglyphs that are embossed in the rocks. There, you will see different symbolisms, images of animals, and other scribbles that are believed to be made by ancient people. The petroglyphs are said to depict animals, people, and geometric designs.

petroglyphs in arizona

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It’s amazing how such scribbles continue to exist for other generations to see, huh? With things and “ancient history” just before your eyes, it will definitely make you tick one achievement off from your bucket list. See ancient petroglyphs? Check!

The Desert Setting Is Also Another Highlight of the Hike

Superstition Mountains desert hike

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Don’t think you’ll only see old symbols along the Hieroglyphic Trail. You can also see other interesting stuff here like Arizona’s pride a.k.a. Saguaro Cacti which are towering the whole landscape. Hey, you might even find cacti that make you look like a midget. It’s already such a sight to behold. Well, we bet you can’t wait to reach the highest point of the hike, because from there, you’ll see a majestic panoramic view of the whole Apache Junction! Remember to take lots of photos so you can remember your hiking experience here forever.

When Is the Best Time to Hike Hieroglyphic Trail?

Hieroglyphic Trail dog friendly hikes in arizona

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Springtime is perfect if you want to hike to the Hieroglyphic Trail. It’s because it’s not too hot during that time, and you can also avoid the storms that might ruin your outdoor adventure. You will also see many wildflowers bloom on the other side of the path during this season. It’s probably one of the Arizona destinations you should go to if you want to see wildflowers in full bloom.

But wait, there’s more…

Hieroglyphic Trail waterfall az

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Remember the surprise we were talking about at the beginning? It actually takes the form of beautiful waterfalls that are just waiting to be explored. It’s a beautiful oasis and definitely an unexpected gem at the end of the trail. We already said this before, and we just can’t stress it enough. Come here during springtime to see the waterfalls’ best state, with it flowing with abundant amounts of water!

About the Hieroglyphic Trail

Hieroglyphic Trail az

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This trail best fits people who do not like long trails. The level of difficulty is considered to be around easy to moderate. You probably won’t sweat too much because the distance is only 2.8 miles, and the highest elevation is only 567 feet. Think of it as a quick morning exercise. It combines a good mix between flat and a little bit of incline hiking with some climbing at the end. However, we should give you a reminder. This may be easy, but we recommend that you don’t bring your kid here. They will tire easily, and you might have to carry them on your back. You should also be mindful of the makeshift “steps” and rocks that double as steps. But don’t focus your full attention on that because you’d want to look around going up to the hieroglyphs.

Out and back hiking activities may only take 1 hour. Isn’t that great? You can still do a lot of things when you get back from this hike!

What You Should Know

  • Be there early because it would be hot if you start by noon. There are no shaded areas during the trail, so if you don’t want to get dehydrated, you also need to pack water.
  • Don’t park just anywhere or on the side of the road since you might get towed. Those who make the mistake of parking on the wrong places definitely keep the tow trucks busy. Just proceed to the parking lot area and secure a slot there.
  • Bring insect repellant to protect yourself from bugs.
  • You can bring your pet dogs but they must be on a leash.
  • Be careful when going near the falls since the rocks in the wash are very slippery. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear with enough grip for this adventure.

How to Get Here

  1. From US 60, turn north onto Kings Ranch Road and make your way through the neighborhoods.
  2. From Kings Ranch Road, turn east on Baseline Ave, north on Mohican Road, and west on Valley View Drive. After that, drive north on Whitetail Road, and east on Cloudview Ave.
  3. You will reach a dead end at the trailhead parking area.

Hieroglyphic Trail is now open. What are you waiting for? Wear your face mask, bring disinfectant, and maintain social distancing for this trail to make sure it’s a fun and safe adventure.

Location: Hieroglyphic Trail, Superstition Mountains, Arizona

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