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Hitch a Ride on This Grand Canyon Train Found Only in Arizona

Suny Errot



Every Arizona adventurer’s dream is to visit the Grand Canyon. But while the dream is definitely justifiable, a rookie traveler’s mistake is thinking that there’s only one way to explore the beautiful destination. There are a lot of outdoor activities that will require one’s energy and effort. But let’s make your experience as memorable as possible. Did you know that you can take an amazing day trip to the Grand Canyon state by riding a train? Doesn’t that sound exciting? Read more about the Grand Canyon Train:

Choose Your Train and Make a Grand Trip the Grandest!

There are different kinds of trains you can ride in the Grand Canyon Railway. Each one capable of giving you a superb experience looking at the beautiful landscapes of Arizona. But if you’re confused, here are the trains you can choose from: 

Ride in style like it’s the 1920s! Budget travelers will surely enjoy riding the Pullman Car.  These rides have bench-type seats that you can flip so you can face your families and friends. Don’t forget to keep the windows open so you can feel the energizing Arizona breeze.

If you have more to spare, the Coach Class will take you to the 1950s. Enjoy comfortable seats and air-conditioned trains where snacks and drinks are available. There’s nothing like riding in style while munching on some treats, no?

Now, let’s talk about this train. If you want an unforgettable Grand Canyon Train experience, getting the first-class seats are but fitting! Here, you’ll be more comfortable relaxing in the reclining seats while enjoying complimentary food and drinks.

Much like the first-class seats, the Observation Dome, on the other hand, will give you a panoramic view experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll get a glimpse of the blue sky while in the comfort of padded high-back chairs at an elevated level. If you purchase a ticket for the Observation Dome, you’ll get to enjoy fresh fruit, coffee, pastries, and juice during the morning. Snacks and sparkling white wine toast are also available on the way back.

Luxury Dome

Those who want to splurge a bit more on luxury seats can take either the Luxury Dome or Luxury Parlor. The Luxury Dome puts the guests in a full-length dome up top and they can enjoy their own spacious lounge down below with private bar service.

On the other hand, the most exclusive seat on the train, the Luxury Parlor, promises its guests of traveling like a rail baron in the plush parlor car. This is the best seat for you if you enjoy the finer things in life.

How You’ll Spend Your Day

  • In the morning, leave from Williams and board the train. Expect to see forests and desert lands until you arrive at the Grand Canyon Village where you’ll stay for 3 hours.
  • Drop by the visitor center first to get information about Arizona’s pride, the Grand Canyon, before seeing it with your own two eyes.
  • While in between train rides, enjoy the in-ride entertainers who will sing for visitors! While we’re on the topic, it’s probably best to warn you not to be afraid once you see someone barge in during your trip. They are ONLY faux robbers who re-enact the cowboys during the Wild Wild West Days. (Of course, you can never be too careful. If you sense something suspicious, be on your guard).
  • After wrapping up your day tour, you’ll be coming back to Williams. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures.

If you feel that one day is not going to be enough for you, then choose to stay at the hotel and return on a different day!

General Information

Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel
Location: 233 N. Grand Canyon Blvd. Williams, Arizona, 86046
Website: https://www.thetrain.com/
Contact: 928-635-4010

Important Notice:
The train operations will temporarily be closed from March 20 to May 21, 2020, due to COVID-19. The management will monitor the situation, but they will still be accepting reservations for May 22 and future dates.

This is the schedule for 2020:
From May 22 to October 31, departure time from Williams would be at 9:30 am, while the return time from Canyon would be at 3:30 pm. While during November to the end of the year excluding Christmas day, they would be operating and ending 1 hour earlier.

Be sure to reward yourself with an awesome Grand Canyon Train ride after being stuck at home for a long time! Feeling bored? Check out the different places you can visit in Arizona. If you want something laidback, you can try giving the charming restaurant in Lake Havasu with fantastic lakefront views or the cool Harry Potter-themed escape room a visit.