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Here Are 10 Easy Hikes in Arizona Where You Can Bring Your Furry Friend Along

Suny Errot



Considering that there are about 1,345 moderate trails in Arizona, we can only imagine how difficult it is to find your next adventure. Let’s make it easier by shortlisting some trails that can also be hiked by your furry friends. That way, it’s even more fun! Take a look at our list of 10 easy pet-friendly hikes in Arizona so you can be out in the trail in no time.

1. Seven Sacred Pools (Sedona)

Distance: Approximately 1.1 mile out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: The Seven Sacred Pools is a famous and picturesque hiking area that will lead you to small natural pools, and provide a striking desert scenery. You’ll probably cross paths with many adventurers who are out for a short hike, or bird watching activity. Don’t forget to bring doggie shoes for your furry friend because the ground in Arizona can be very hot! This is one of the best pet-friendly hikes in Arizona.

Seven Sacred Pools Pet-Friendly Hikes in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Note: Bikes are not allowed in the wilderness areas.

Location: Sedona, Arizona 86336

2. Blevins Trail (Mesa)

Distance: Approximately 3.2 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: You don’t need to tire yourself or your furry buddy that much. You can also take on a beautiful mild desert hike with only a few rises and declines. The Blevins Trail is mostly flat, but all hikers who have been to this area can attest to the fact that it has well-maintained and properly groomed. Keep your eyes open for the beautiful wildflowers!

Blevins Trail Arizona Hiking

Source: Instagram

Note: If you don’t want to end up having cactus inside your shoes or sticking to your legs, then you better stay on the trails. It can also harm your dog, too.

Location: Blevins Trail, Mesa, Arizona 85207

3. Fountain Lake Overlook Loop Trail (Fountain Hills)

Distance: Approximately 3 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: If you want to take a casual hike that doesn’t really feel like a hike, the Fountain Lake Overlook trail is for you! This will basically take you through a subdivision, and give you beautiful views of the lake at the end. Who says pet-friendly hikes in Arizona should all be hard?

Fountain Lake Overlook Arizona

Source: Instagram

Note: You can just take a moment and sit on the benches at the top to relax or think of nice thoughts. Or maybe this is the perfect time for you to give your dog a yummy treat for accompanying you in your hike.

Location: 16705 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268

4. West Fork Trail (Sedona)

Distance: Approximately 7.5 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: Who would say no to a gorgeous hike with oh-so-fun stream crossings? The West Fork Trail is also not too crowded.

West Fork Trail Arizona Pet-Friendly Hikes in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Note: While this trail is not too crowded, the parking fills up fast. Our suggestion is for you to get here early. As for the hiking experience, you and your pet can cool off in the stream. You can also take a rest every now and then because the place has lots of shade.

Location: W Fork Trail, Sedona, Arizona 86336

5. Dreamy Draw Loop (Phoenix)

Distance: Approximately 3.7 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: If you ask us, this is probably one of our favorite pet-friendly hikes in Arizona. It is the perfect trail for pups, and for hikers who are looking for a quick loop in the city.

Dreamy Draw Loop AZ Pet-Friendly Hikes in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Note: The Dreamy Draw Loop is literally a chill hike. You will enjoy every second with your furry friend while breathing in the fresh air. Still, remember to bring some water and light trail snacks.

Location: N Dreamy Draw Dr, Phoenix, Arizona

6. Treasure Loop Trail (Apache Junction)

Distance: Approximately 2.4 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: Soak up the magnificent desert views on a sunny day while hiking up the Treasure Loop Trail. It’s one of life’s simple yet beautiful moments!

Treasure Loop Trail AZ

Source: Instagram

Note: The trail is perfect for beginners. If you and your furry friend still haven’t tried any hiking activity, this trail is ideal for first-timers.

Location: Apache Junction, Arizona, 85119

7. Aspen Nature Loop (Flagstaff)

Distance: Approximately 2.5 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: The Aspen Nature Loop will take you on the sloping meadows of the San Francisco Peaks. Get ready to enjoy unhindered views of the volcanic field (west) and the Grand Canyon (north).

Aspen Nature Loop Trail Arizona Pet-Friendly Hikes in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Note: Your furry buddy might be distracted by the gorgeous open meadows along the way. You can let them play around for a while before continuing the hike.

Location: 8900 N Snow Bowl Rd, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

8. White Pocket (Marble Canyon)

Distance: Approximately 1.5 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: The White Pocket Trail is perfect for those who value remoteness and solitude. Maybe your buddy will appreciate the peace in this place, too! Don’t worry, the geological terrains you’ll see are worth it. The colors, textures, shapes, details, and shapes of the rocks will make you agree that nature is indeed the best artist.

White Pocket Arizona Trail

Source: Instagram

Note: Unlike other pet friendly hikes in Arizona, this one has a lot of sand and sandstone in the trail.

Location: White Pocket, Arizona 86036

9. Tom’s Thumb (Scottsdale)

Distance: Approximately 5 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: It’s no wonder why this famous trail keeps pulling hikers left and right. The Valley views from the top are absolutely stunning. But of course, expect a lot of constant yet manageable ascents.

Tom's Thumb Hiking Trail Pet-Friendly Hikes in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Note: Tom’s Thumb is challenging, but it’s also one of the frequently traveled trails in the area. If you don’t want an overcrowded trail, you better come here early!

Location: Tom’s Thumb Trail, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85255

10. Ranger Trail (Phoenix)

Distance: Approximately 5.4 miles out and back

Why It’s A Must-Visit: See beyond the southern part of Phoenix and cherish an expansive view you will remember forever.

Ranger Trail Arizona Hike

Source: Instagram

Note: The Ranger Trail is perfect for hikers with dogs who have quite a lot of hiking experience. There is a good mix of flat trail, distance, and elevation.

Location: Ranger Trail, Phoenix, Arizona, 85048


Head out and face a new exciting adventure with your furry buddy by choosing one from these pet-friendly hikes in Arizona! Once done, you can chill and relax in any of the dog-friendly restaurants in Arizona.

How’s that sound?