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Here Are 15 Things You See Only in Arizona

Suny Errot



Educating your visiting family and friends to things that are unique to the state is definitely fun. But do you think you know everything there is to know about Arizona? Our suggestion is, you should start with hilarious memes, then you can tell them all about the fascinating things. And in case you need more things to talk about, you only need to take a good look at this list. Every item screams: only in Arizona!

1. Record-Breaking Heat

Arizona Heat Temperature Hot

Source: Instagram

We guess you can say that the heat knows no bounds in this state. They’re a block away from the sun, that’s for sure! Hopefully, this intense heat should kill the coronavirus. If you’re not from Arizona, you’d probably already think you’re gonna die. But true Arizonans actually consider 100 degrees chilly. Now, where was my bonnet?

2. Blue McDonald’s

Blue Mcdonalds Sedona Unique Logo

Source: Instagram

Yep, your eyes are not lying. The one you see in front of you is, indeed, a blue McDonald’s sign. Cool, huh? This is the only store with a blue logo in the world, so make sure you stop to take a photo because you won’t see this anywhere else.

If you’re curious about the color change, just know that McDonald’s ditched yellow because Sedona is characterized by its stunning and mountainous red rock landscapes. You already know that the whole place itself is a natural wonder, so obviously, there are rules in place for those who will put up buildings. Sedona laid out some specific restrictions on building design, including colors of the exteriors of storefronts, as well as their signs.

Thus, the turquoise logo that blends well into (and not overpowers) the natural surroundings.

3. Car vs. Cactus

Car vs Cactus Accident Arizona

Source: Twitter

Remember that crazy, unusual accident where a Saguaro cactus literally impaled a car? It happened last year. If you think we’re joking, then you’re wrong. Good thing we have a photo to back up our story. According to the investigation, the driver crossed the median and ran right into the cactus. Unfortunately, the car was no match for the cactus. The broken cactus ended up partially inside the car, while the several feet of it protruded out over the hood.

4. Revenge of the Arizona Crocodile

Cactus Crocodile Weird Funny ARizon

Source: Instagram

As long as you didn’t harm any cactus in your lifetime, you’re safe. Please carry on and drive with caution. The Arizona crocodile probably just targets those who brought his family harm.

5. Dirt Everywhere You Go

Haboob AZ

Source: Instagram

Haboob is a kind of intense dust storm carried on an atmospheric gravity current. Combine that with 113 degrees, and that’s the desert for you! It usually comes during the monsoon season in Arizona, and it can spoil any planned outdoor activity with your family. Better do the laundry instead.

6. High-Speed Llama Chase

Llama Chase AZ Arizona Funny

Source: Youtube

Who knew llamas can be such cool action stars? Do you remember the time when the news broke out about llamas running free through Sun City, Arizona, and successfully dodging the sheriff’s deputies? Man, that was so crazy, and definitely, something you will witness only in Arizona. The llama tragedy is quite silly, but it sure gave a lot of people a good laugh! Check out the video here.

7. Pay-By-The-Second Sunscreen Hose

Sunscreen Hose Arizona Things

Source: Instagram

Everyone knows you shouldn’t wander around the state without hydrating yourself or putting sunscreen beforehand. Well, it looks like this sunscreen hose can solve your problem if you happen to forget to apply it to your body.

8. Desert Towel Dress

Desert Towel Dress only in ARizona

Source: Instagram

Sometimes, Arizonans take their love for the desert on a whole new level. For instance, this pretty dress is made from two bath towels and a hand towel. It paints quite a lovely picture of the desert, too! Ah, only in Arizona.

9. Cactus Candy

Cactus Candy Arizona Sweets

Source: Instagram

Forget the macarons. Here’s a sweet treat you can find almost everywhere! When you’re in Arizona, you shouldn’t miss out on the Cactus Candy, a local favorite made with juice from the fruit of prickly pear cacti. Before you say no to this, you should know it’s very tasty!

10. Gross Money

Gross Money Store Sign Arizona Heat

Source: Instagram

The sign says it all. “Due to rising summer temperatures, we will NOT accept any BOOB or SOCK money. It’s gross.” The stores just don’t want your sweat. You better keep it to yourself.

11. Donkey Crossing

Donkey Crossing AZ

Source: Instagram

There are many wild burros in Oatman Arizona, and they are causing real damage to the habitat relied on by native wildlife. They can be seen foraging among the rocks and the terrain of the desert area. They may behave with tourists, but you should still maintain caution.

12. Scorpions Just About Anywhere

Scorpions Arizona Home

Source: Instagram

By now, you should already know that there are many critters in Arizona. This includes a scary scorpion that can bite you if you’re not careful. They like to hide in cool or dark places, so remember to shake out your shoes if you left them outside your house.

13. A Scorpion Death Center in the Local Home Depot

Scorpion Death Center Home Depot Arizona

Source: Instagram

As grim as this spot sounds, it’s only necessary. Equip yourself with the best weapon and be prepared for any scorpion attack!

14. The Things You Find in the Grocery

Nopales Cactus Pads AZ

Source: Instagram

Three words: only in Arizona. Don’t be surprised if you see cactus in the produce section. It’s normal. The name of the game is Nopales for the masses! These drought-tolerant succulents can be cooked, so you better find a good recipe somewhere so you can replicate it. Health-conscious eaters would be happy to know that these Nopales cactus pads are full of antioxidants, vitamin A and C, as well as B complex vitamins, and iron.

15. Quick AC Service

AC Service Phoenix Arizona

Source: Instagram

You bet that Arizona has fast air conditioning services given that the heat is no joke. At least, there’s that.

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