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Here Are 25 of the Best Arizona Memes That Perfectly Describe Our Summers

Suny Errot



Have you seen our article on 15 hilarious memes you’ll only understand if you live in Arizona? Well, it’s time we focus on one particular topic that we are sure can make you both laugh and cry at the same time: intense Arizona heat. It’s no secret Arizona is hot in the summer. Did you know that in most years, Phoenix actually averages a daily maximum temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit for July? Wow. If you want something to get you through the day, you might as well check out the best Arizona summer memes we’ve compiled just for you.

Here are 25 of the Best Arizona Summer Memes:

1. There’s a new warning sign in the state.

Excessive Heat Warning Sign arizona

Source: Pinterest

Don’t be surprised if you see a new “excessive heat” warning sign in your neighborhood. In fact, you might see this all across the state. Although in reality, people do have a tendency to spend less time outside in social gatherings during summer, you can never be too careful.

2. We get it. Your front yards look better than ours.

Front Yards in Arizona

Source: AZTV

Obviously, there is a perfectly good reason why front yards in other states are better than those from Arizona. We can already hear some residents arguing, “With our desert temperatures, we are sure you understand, right?”

3. Come on, we’d rather stand.

Plastic Seat in Summer best Arizona summer memes

Source: Pinterest

Arizona’s intense heat has the power to melt even garbage cans and street signs. If you take a sit on a plastic seat during summer, we are sure your thighs and legs will feel the burn. And no, it’s not the good kind of burn you get when working out. It’s something else.

4. Is this place hell?

Arizona is Hell

Source: Some E-Cards

We are pretty sure Satan is demanding his weather or hellish temperature back. If he claims it, no one would probably complain. Okay, what’s next in our list of best Arizona summer memes?

5. This is probably the best place to be.

Inside the Refrigerator best arizona summer memes

Source: Pinterest

No one will judge the guy. In fact, anyone who will see him would wish they can trade places. You will experience triple-digit temperatures in Arizona. Let’s make one thing clear. Ice will be your best friend. Scroll down and you’ll see other memes that support our claim.

6. Here’s a helpful reminder you must remember if you are living in Phoenix.

Phoenix Heat survival tip

Source: Pinterest

The hottest day ever recorded in Phoenix was on June 26, 1990, when the city hit 122 degrees. Good grief! We can already imagine the situation with melted underwear, cookies baked or eggs cooked on car hoods and exploding radiators! If you ever need to get through a hot summer day, just remember that cost of living is low, and the winters there are spectacular.

7. Just burn!

Dry Heat Arizona

Source: Pinterest

It’s just dry heat? Really? That can’t be right. I’m just ashes now.

8. Even the mailbox can’t take it.

Mailbox melting in arizona

Source: Pinterest

We understand the feeling, mailbox. Sometimes, we just want to give up too. If you’re in Arizona, don’t be surprised if you see a couple of mailboxes giving up or even melting away. The heat is just too much!

9. Arizona has the best cold showers.

Cold Shower in Arizona

Source: Pinterest

If locals are already using actual ice in their showers, then you know the heat is no joke. Don’t laugh at this. If you were in their position, we think you’d want to do this too.

10. Let’s all be bakers!

Bake a Cookie in arizona car

Source: Twitter

Whoever said Arizona “isn’t that hot” probably never tried baking a cookie on their dashboards. Try it. It’s a thing, and it’s real. The silver lining here is that you can probably start your own mobile bakery and sell the sweet treats to your friends when you come over. Leave home with a dough, get to where you’re going with cookies. That’s awesome!

11. Triple Digit? Cool! Not.

100 Degrees AZ

Source: Pinterest

Can you relate? Every Arizonan hates to hear these 5 words, and for good reason.

12. The best flip flops for summer.

Flip Flops in Arizona best arizona sumer memes

Source: Pinterest

As long as we’re talking about the best Arizona summer memes, this one should be included in the list. We know there are a lot of individuals who wish they can walk around in ice cube trays to beat the intense heat. You can always do a DIY version, but when there’s a new brand that specifically makes your feet feel cool, we’ll let you know!

13. Every Arizonan ever.

Air Conditioner best arizona summer memes

Source: Pinterest

What do you do when you’re living in a place that makes you feel like you are only a few inches away from the sun? Get an air conditioner! Every Arizonan is probably in a relationship with one right now. It’s their lifesaver.

14. There are two types of weather in Arizona

Two Types of Weather in Arizona

Source: Pinterest

We only know “hot” and “a little less hot” here. There is no in-between.

15. What’s the difference between hell and Phoenix?

Take me to hell phoenix

Source: Pinterest

Do you want to go to hell? Just come to Phoenix. The insanely hot temperatures are probably enough to make you crazy. In fact, Satan probably wants his temperature back. He has loaned it to Arizona for far too long.

16. The monthly forecast of Arizona weather looks something like this…

Arizona Weather by Month best arizona summer memes

Source: Pinterest

January to May are the “bearable months.” On the other hand, you REALLY need to prepare for June to September. Oh boy! Just thinking about it makes me want to get inside a tub filled with ice.

17. 5 minutes is enough. Yes, please!

Today's Special

Source: Pinterest

This restaurant with a display saying “5 minutes in the walk-in freezer with any purchase” surely deserves a spot in our list of best Arizona summer memes. Don’t you think so? And yes, we’ll take this special!

18. This is a joke, but it’s pretty serious.

The Sworn Enemy summer Best Arizona Summer Memes

Source: AZTV

It can be really dangerous if a vehicle has been sitting out in the Arizona heat. The metal seat belt buckles can get so hot that they can burn an unsuspecting individual’s skin in a matter of seconds. It can even cause a first-degree burn! Those who have been in a similar tragic situation knows that the buckles feel like the surface of the sun. It’s got to be around 145 to 150 degrees in the car during Arizona summer!

19. Bake the day away.

Baking Outside az

Source: Pinterest

Don’t you just feel like saying to the Lord Almighty, “Whatever you are baking outside is done. Please just turn off the oven.” If only saying that actually works, then we’d all be comfortably happy.

20. Are you heading out to gas up your car?

Summer in Arizona

Source: Pinterest

There’s a pretty good chance you’d want to leave home wearing only nothing but your undergarments.

21. The best photo to describe summer in Arizona.

Weather in AZ

Source: AZTV

Oh, look. I am burning. But this is actually normal.

22. We only salt our margaritas….

Use of Salt in Arizona Best Arizona Summer Memes

Source: Pinterest

…not our sidewalks. Most people who enjoy winter put salt on their sidewalks so the ice would melt more quickly. If you are in Arizona, you won’t see a lot of people doing this. Salt is just for margaritas on a hot summer day. That’s how we chill and forget about the intense oven we seem to be in.

23. What is God cooking?

What is God cooking Best Arizona Summer Memes

Source: Pinterest

This is a serious question. Is God still not done cooking Arizona? We’re already done.

24. Does rain bring trouble?

Raining in Phoenix best arizona summer memes

Source: Pinterest

You’d probably think the world is upside down when it starts raining like cats and dogs often in Phoenix. The heaven is probably weeping.

25. What is an Arizonan’s greatest fear?

What Arizonans fear Best Arizona Summer Memes

Source: Pinterest

Snakes? Nope. Bugs? Well, it’s tolerable. Loss of job? I can look for another one. Government? Meh. Crime? The police will take care of it. Broken air conditioner? Oh, crap!

Which one is your favorite from our best Arizona summer memes? Share it with us in the comments below.

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