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Here Are 25 of the Most Beautiful Murals in Downtown Tucson You Absolutely Must See

Suny Errot



We bet you, there are a lot of adventurous things to do in Tucson. That’s no surprise, actually. But did you know that you can also find amazing murals in downtown Tucson? They pack a lot of interesting pieces that will surely delight one’s love for street art. We guess you can say, they put the art at the heart of the town.

A Whole Town Museum

With the long lists of murals, the whole town can actually be a museum (if that is actually possible)! You can find one in both private or public properties, may it be in hotels, restaurants, office buildings or simple walls. You can just walk around town and find the best mural because these are all free for anyone to admire. If you want a change of scenery and want to steer clear from the desert, just go on a little mural road trip.

Honestly, there are a lot, and we had a very, VERY, hard time picking the best ones. Check out 25 of the most beautiful murals in downtown Tucson:

1. Tucson Greeting Card Mural

Greetings from Tucson Mural

Source: Instagram

Better start with the Tucson Greeting Card Mural by Victor Ving Lisa Beggs. It looks like the town is happy to see you (or see you off)! This is a good mural and you can also find other different artworks inside each letter. Just around the corner is Exo Roast Co. coffee shop and Tap + Bottle where you can have a cup or bottle to kick start your mural-filled day.

Location: 406 N. 6th Ave (on the back wall of Miller’s Surplus)

2. Primavera Foundation’s Public Art Mural

Who wouldn’t love art that represents the whole town? The Primavera Foundation’s Public Art Mural by youths in Pima County’s Las Artes program presents the neighborhood’s history and culture. This mural may be small, but it’s still gold.

Location: Near West 34th Street and South Ninth Ave

3. Why I Love Where I Live Mural

Why I Love Where I Live Mural Tucson

Source: Instagram

These two fun murals were commissioned by Why I Love Where I Live to promote the beauty of Tucson. Another fun fact: It was painted on Tucson’s 106th Birthday. What a way to pay homage to Tucson’s diversity!

Location: 234 E. 6th St. on the wall of Reproductions, Inc.

4. Vergiss Mural

Vergiss murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

Vergiss is a wonderful creation by Fin Dac at The Lewis Hotel. The artist is known for painting East Asian Culture Women around the world to rewire stereotyping. Do you think this mural is proof of his goal?

Location: 178 E. Broadway Blvd.

5. Whale Mural

Whale Mural Joe Pagac

Source: Instagram

In case you need a cheer up, this mural by Joe Pagac represents growing under difficult circumstances through floating whales. Don’t you think we can all get behind the idea of thriving under challenging days? It seems like this is the mural that would best describe our current situation.

Location: 2320 North Campbell Avenue near Grant Road

6. Phoenix Mars Mission Mural

This one was created by a group of art students from the University of Arizona that is led by Alfred Quiroz. It is Tucson’s biggest mural, as it takes over 1,200 sqft in space.

Location: Michael J. Drake Building, 1415 N. 6th Ave

7. Sonora Mural

Sonora Mural Tucson

Source: Instagram

If you’re out exploring the murals in downtown Tucson, you shouldn’t miss this for the world. The Sonora Mural was created by Mata Ruda and his two students Analaura Villegas and Brisa Tzintzun. Behind the woman are patchwork quilt images which represents the organization that reside in the building. A personalized art indeed!

Location: Historic Y building, 300 W. University Blvd.

8. Selena Mural

Selena Tribute murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

Head to American Eat Co. to see artist Jonny Ballesteros’ tribute to the Tejano’s Music queen on her birthday.

Location: American Eat Co. and Market, 1439 S. Fourth Ave.

9. Finding Nemo (Harboring Beauty) Mural

Harboring Beauty Mural Finding Nemo Tucson murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

This mural with a concept of “something perceived as ugly harboring something beautiful inside and protecting” is by Joe Pagac. Take a closer look and you’ll see the models used in this art are the homeless people around Tucson. Their faces really tell a powerful story.

Location: 191 E. Toole Ave.

10. Dino’s Delight Mural

Dino’s Delight Dinosaur Mural in Tucson

Source: Instagram

Calling all the Jurassic Park fans out there! Here is an entire building (yup! ENTIRE building) covered by Jurassic Park-themed murals! We are talking about dinosaurs and erupting volcanoes. We have the artist Chris Andrews to thank for this haunting masterpiece.

Location: 202 N. Main Ave.

11. Desert Heart Mural

Desert Heart Murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

Need we say more? The half-desert, half-heart artwork by Lalo Cota signifies life. This is proof that saguaros are the heart of the desert. Aren’t they? The bobcat in this mural is also a nod to the University of Arizona.

Location: 3443 E. Speedway Blvd.

12. Tucson Bikes Mural

Tucson Bikes Art where to go Tucson

Source: Instagram

Bicycling + Murals = Perfection. When you look extra closely, the list of all the mural donors is also all hand-painted.

Location: 534 N. Stone Ave (facing Sixth Street)

13. Goddess of Agave Mural

Goddess of Agave Rock Martinez

Source: Instagram

This gem from Rock Martinez is called the Goddess of Agave. The woman in the mural looks a lot like his girlfriend, Brandi Watkins. We’re pretty sure her heart melted when she saw this. You best believe this mural is stunning in real life.

Location: 440 N. 7th Ave (wall on the west of the Benjamin Plumbing Supply building)

14. Serape Sunrise Mural

Desert Suds CarWash Serape Sunrise Mural murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

While waiting for your car to be washed, you can admire this mural also by Rock Martinez at Desert Suds Car Wash. In case you are curious, it costs $3 for an express wash!

Location: Desert Suds CarWash, 4610 S. 12th Ave.

15. The Running of the Piñatas Mural

Running of the Piñatas Street Art murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

The murals in downtown Tucson can be really quirky. Look at this one for instance.

Location: UPS Store Downtown Tucson, 31 N. Sixth Ave.

16. No-Tel Motel Mural

No-Tel Motel Tucson Art

Source: Instagram

This mural art features compassion in the form of the heart, and “worries floating away” as the feathers. Were you able to guess that just by giving this mural a look?

Location: No-Tel Motel, 2425 N. Oracle Road

17. Sacred Heart of Tucson Mural

Sacred Heart of Tucson Mural Art murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

Looking for a mural with a pop of color? The Sacred Heart of Tucson Mural will do just the trick for your photos! So come on, strike your best pose.

Location: 54 East Pennington St, near City High and Ben’s Bells

18. Beauty of Monsoon Season Mural

Beauty of Monsoon Season murals in Downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

Jessica Gonzales took inspiration from the monsoon season and cleverly portrayed its beauty in this mural. According to her, it is a gift to the desert. How beautiful! It fits quite nicely in your feed, too.

Location: Downtown Tucson, north of 17th on 9th

19. Frida and Diego Mural

Frida and Diego art

Source: Instagram

There’s something about this mural that features a dancing Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in an afterlife celebration that is so beautiful.

Location: South of Menlo Park

20. McCoy Hotel Mural

McCoy Hotel Art

Source: Facebook

After their restoration, the hotel is now covered with murals. Here are Jessica Gonzales and Joe Pagac’s art in McCoy Hotel.

Location: Hotel McCoy, 720 W. Silverlake Road

21. The Tasteful Kitchen Mural

The Tasteful Kitchen Vegan restaurant in tucson

Source: Instagram

Spot this beautiful work on Mother Earth Mural at The Tasteful Kitchen which offers vegetarian and vegan food.

Location: The Tasteful Kitchen, 722 N. Stone Ave.

22. Broadway Village Mural

Broadway Village Apartments Tucson

Source: Instagram

Danny Martin is known for his distinct style. This is certainly beautiful, huh? If you didn’t know better, this is probably a happy couple in the afterlife.

Location: Broadway Village Apartments, 150 S Eastbourne Ave.

23. Fourth Avenue Mural

Fourth Avenue Mural Beautiful

Source: Instagram

There’s something about this wonderful art that puts you at peace. This tranquil lady is so pleasing to the eyes and it feels as if she’s floating gracefully in the universe.

Location: A Foam and Fabric Place, 246 N. Fourth Ave.

24. La Madre Mural

La Madre Mural AZ murals in downtown Tucson

Source: Instagram

This mural is connected to the long benches so you can chill while admiring its beauty.

Location: 86 E. Alameda Street

25. The Boxyard Mural

The Boxyard Mural Restaurant

Source: Instagram

Joe Pagac created this wonderful art at The Boxyard Tucson, an indoor and outdoor community dining that is housed and enclosed by ten re-purposed box cars. The mural is only fitting, huh? Drop by for art, snacks, and the drinks!

Location: 238 N 4th Ave

Behind Every Art is a Story

We surely fell in love more when we learned the interesting facts and inspirations behind every art of Tucson. Whether you are here for the gram, or if you just want to see street art, the murals in downtown Tucson are worth discovering!

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