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It’s So Hot Right Now in Arizona That People Are Sharing Photos of Things Melting

Suny Errot



If you’ve lived in the Grand Canyon State for a long time, then you probably already know that it can get extremely hot there. 10 years ago, Phoenix reached a record-breaking 122 °F (50 °C) temperature, while Lake Havasu City reached 128 °F in 1994, marking the highest (and hottest) Arizona temperature. Can you imagine what it’s like just sitting on your chair and dealing with the heat during this time? Since summer is just around the corner, don’t be surprised if you see things melting in Arizona!

There are many things melting in Arizona today. Just look at these photos:

1. You can literally bake your cookies.

Baked Cookies Arizona Heat things melting in arizona

Source: Twitter

If you’ve seen our Arizona memes, then you will agree when we say that the state seems to be super close to the sun. Many locals will agree to this, and you will experience the insane heat when you visit here during summer, because it’s when the temperature becomes crazy. Maybe you should already prepare your batter so you can just bake your cookies right away.

2. A pair of gloves will save the day.

Hot in Arizona

Source: Twitter

Why complain when you can just wear your gloves and be off to your destination? This may look crazy, but it’s really useful. Of course, the only thing that could make this photo funnier is if the person who wore the gloves was also the one who baked the cookies. Ha! Dashboard cooking should be the trend nowadays.

3. The mailbox has met its match. Well, it’s one of the things melting in Arizona.

Melted Mailbox arizona mesa

Source: Twitter

It appears that the extreme Arizona heat may have melted this plastic mailbox in Mesa. We sure hope there aren’t any important letters or stuff inside.

4. The weather map almost ran out of colors.

Phoenix weather map

Source: M Live

We know we’re supposed to add things melting in Arizona. But just look at the color bank used to represent the extreme heat in Arizona. The ‘hot’ and fiery colors are all used up because the temperatures are reaching triple-digit numbers. As you can see, the weather map is mostly orange, red, and some shades of violet. Whew. With that kind of heat, it’s hard to imagine how some people continue to brave the outdoors and hike in Arizona. It’s crazy out there!

5. You better steer clear of the hiking trails for now.

Melted Shoes arizona news

Source: Twitter

We know there’s so much to explore in Arizona. There are a lot of awesome and beautiful destinations, as well as challenging or beginner trails. But with this heat, you better think twice before hiking. There is a news report that claims Arizona can indeed melt your shoes. Yes, it’s not an exaggeration. It is one of the things melting in Arizona. Your hiking shoe will really open up because it can’t stand the heat. You don’t want to go back to the trailhead barefoot, right? In that case, be warned!

6. If the cactus can’t live with the heat, then you should just stay home.

Cactus Melt arizona

Source: Twitter

Look at this poor cactus. It is no match against the state’s intense heat. If you want to save your plants, you better keep an eye on them. You should also just stay inside so you don’t get dehydrated, or worse, a heat stroke. Safety comes first.

7. Phoenix has a way of messing things up.

CD Record Warped arizona

Source: Twitter

In this case, it’s a Jason Isbell record. Jeffrey Blackburn took to Twitter his story on the record that was delivered to his home. According to him, the record only sat in the mailbox for an hour, but the heat was too bad, and when he opened it, it was already badly warped. If there are many things melting in Arizona, we hope it’s not the records of our favorite artists.

8. Too bad for this guy, his rock plastic wall is one of the things melting in Arizona.

Rock Plastic Wall Melting

Source: Reddit

A Reddit user shared a photo of this fake rock plastic wall his neighbors put up over the winter. Well, it doesn’t stand a chance against the Arizona heat and is slowly melting away. We’d like to see the neighbors put up a sturdier (and prettier) wall this time.

9. Can your state do this?

Melted Trash Bin things melting in arizona

Source: Twitter

The trash bins are melting and we have no way to stop it. Okay, maybe we should be more loving of Mother Nature now? Otherwise, we should expect many trash bins simply melting away in our neighborhoods.

10. Forget dashboard cooking. Save your dashboards instead!

Melting Dashboards in arizona hot things melting in arizona

Source: Youtube

The solution here is simple. If you don’t want your dashboard to be one of the things melting in Arizona, then use a window protector, and park your car under a shaded area. Still, you can’t deny that this problem can only be caused by such an extreme heat a.k.a. Arizona heat. If you’re wondering if this is legitimate, yes it is. But of course, you can always fix this defect. Exposure to sunlight and heat will affect the adhesive used to bond the layers to liquify and migrate downwards into the foam layer or upwards through the dashboard outer fabric. If not treated, the once strong adhesive will soften and destroy the outer fabric of the dashboard.

There are some products that can help you with your melting dashboard problem. But if you want to avoid it at all costs, you should just make sure your park is not exposed to the intense heat too much.

Do you have other photos of things melting in Arizona? Share it with us!


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