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Jump Into Old World Magic and Be in Awe of This Fascinating Illusion Show in Arizona



Are you looking to have a fun and mind-blowing night with you and your friends? While a trip to Tucson museums or a drive to Arizona towns with funny names sounds appealing, we have something else that you might be interested in. You can laugh, have fun, and celebrate magic at Carnival of Illusion Arizona, the state’s only intimate illusion show. Find out why a lot of guests can’t help but gush over the magical acts at this show.

Carnival of Illusion Arizona is Perfect For Someone Who Doesn’t Really Like Magic Shows

Carnival of llusion Arizona

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If you have a family member or a friend who is hesitant about going to magic shows, you better take them here. Then after the show, see if they will change their mind. Designed to transport you on a beguiling magical journey around the world, this Vaudeville-Inspired Magical Parlour Show wows the audience with the mind-blowing and amazing acts. Carnival of Illusion Arizona prides itself as the state’s ONLY intimate illusion show with only 100 special guests.

Even if you don’t like or appreciate magic, you will still think that this is a cool show. If you attend one, you will sit directly on the stage and will even have a chance to interact with the performers. The performers’ shtick is effectively done, capturing everyone’s attention and laughter. Indeed, there is nothing quite like experiencing the Carnival of Illusion Arizona because it is an absolute delight.

A Worthwhile Experience You Need to Make

Arizona magicians

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Top performers and house magicians Sarlot and Eyed have already performed at the world’s top resorts. They also performed for the Fortune 100 CEOs,  and even to the 200 Most Powerful Women in America. With this, you can only expect their act to be world-class. The said show was also featured on different channels and publications such as the Travel Channel, ABC, LA Weekly, The Arizona Republic, and many more.

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The “Magic, Mystery and Oooh La La” show happens select weekends during high season in four Arizona Locations: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and Tucson. They have upcoming schedules starting in October and these will be on sale very soon! This is the perfect gift if you plan to have a lovely surprise for someone who is celebrating his or her birthday or anniversary. If you do come during your “special” day, the magic duo Sarlot and Eyed will come out to greet you. They will also spend a bit of time with you after the magic tricks. If you want to capture the moment, they will gladly and gamely pose for photos. Isn’t that nice?

Witness Pure Showmanship All Throughout the Carnival of Illusion Arizona Show

Carnival of llusion Arizona

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Come and visit to see the act of magic and theater, a work of art well-honed through over 800 shows.

The house magicians never seem tired or disinterested with their performance, and it translates well into their tricks. Guests will also find themselves in awe of the lavish and beautiful set presentation. This is typically not addressed for intimate shows, but you will marvel when you come here. See a myriad of details hanging above you. You should also try to guess how these items would be incorporated into the show.

where magic shows in Arizona

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If we were to give you a clue as to what you can expect from this show, think of old-world magic with a hint of 1900’s Parisian humor. This theater of illusion is simply too entertaining and delightful to exclude from your itinerary list.

You will simply be transported to a world of magic and wonder with the show’s mystery and fanfare. All fans of magic, carnivals, and vaudeville will find Carnival of Illusion Arizona amazing and a worthwhile experience.

Carnival of Illusion Arizona Locations

Phoenix: Arizona Biltmore Resort 2400 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Tempe: Tempe Center for the Arts 700 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe Arizona 85281

Mesa: Mesa Arts Center 1 East Main St, Mesa, Arizona 85201

Tucson: Scottish Rite Grand Parlour 160 S. Scott, Tucson, Arizona 85701

Website: https://www.carnivalofillusion.com/

Have you been to this show? Tell us all about your experience.

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