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Let the Good Times Roll at This Striking and Vibrant Bowling Spot in Scottsdale

Suny Errot



There are many things you can look forward to when visiting Scottsdale. This includes a beautiful boutique hotel that is a crossover of cultures in one place, and a park where you can get a glimpse of famed locomotives. We just found a spot that is filled with electrifying energy – guaranteed to give you the best relaxing time! Play and let loose in Skylanes Bowling now.

Skylanes Bowling Is Anything but Your Grandfather’s Bowling Alley

skylanes bowling az scottsdale

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “bowling?”

Is it “boring, old establishment?” If you think there are not many places that offer a good bowling experience, you are highly mistaken! Skylanes Bowling is a high-tech and striking club complete with six projector-mapped bowling lanes, VIP and Bottle Service accommodations, and a full bar. To make things more interesting (and alive), you will also find some video games, and live DJs!

Aside from the top-notch amenities, the vibrant place also overlooks the most energetic location in Scottsdale’s Entertainment District. No wonder a lot of individuals want to come here. Skylines Bowling has one promise: and it is to offer a variety of activities to satisfy any taste.

Are we even surprised? Skylanes Bowling is founded and designed by Arizona’s Evening Entertainment Group (EEG). The team is composed of recognized hospitality experts, who know how to marry the best dining and entertainment concepts.

Scottsdale Doesn’t Need ‘Just Another Nightclub’

skylanes scottsdale az

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The management believes that Scottsdale doesn’t need another average bar and grill, or the same old nightclub. This prompted them to create Skylanes Bowling, and provide entertainment that breaks expectations. The place combines the best of it all so you can have the most wonderful experience. It even has a basketball game and a foosball!

Every inch of space has been designed for pleasure and fun. You will find dozens of lanes, where the game of bowling is elevated to a decadent level. On top of that, the appointed wait staff will be ready to assist you. The VIP Lounges amenities and bottle service are also available to guests.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to try a unique date night activity, or if you just want to take in the nightlife. Skylanes Bowling is the perfect place for you! Pair up the amusement with sumptuous dishes, and you’re all set. The only thing you need to prepare is your company.

You Can Definitely Party and Play in High Style

scottsdale nightlife

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The bowling establishment is inside a swank second-floor space overlooking Scottsdale’s nightlife district. Just by entering the place, you’d know that this is not your ordinary bowling alley. It has a vibe that seems to “keep the soirée rollin’ into the late-night hours.” This is probably the most unique venue you’ll find downtown, so it’s worth visiting.

The boutique bowling club also lets you host fun private special events. They have VIP lounges with beautifully-designed booths and tables, and bottle service options for when you want to party all night! If you have the bottle service, then your reservation will already waive all the lane fees and are available at any hour. There are many entertainment options that will make your weekend the best party ever!

If you are still planning to party somewhere else, that is okay too! After all, many guests select this club as the pre-gaming spot before hitting the clubs.

The Food Won’t Disappoint You Too

skylanes bowling az food

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Choose from a wide array of delicious finger foods and yummy snacks for those late-night bowling experiences! Platters are also available to serve big groups. You may try the platters specifically made for sharing, as well as the specialty brunch items. Don’t worry about food. Everything is freshly handmade and delivered right to your lane or VIP lounge.

If you want to indulge in American-style fare, you better join during happy hour or after hours!

Some of the food you should try here are the following: 

Sky Wings skylanes food

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Sky Wings. Choose from buffalo, tan chill dry rub, or jalapeño honey lime, and your dip of ranch or bleu cheese. $15
Chips & Salsa. The salsa is made with house tomato, roasted tomatillo, and spicy chile de Arbol. $8
Beef Enchiladas. The burst of flavors of the chile-braised beef, cheese blend, corn tortilla, roasted tomato guajillo, or tomatillo sauce will delight your palate! $17
Carne Asada Tacos. This includes a yummy serving of marinated steak, pickled onions, jalapeños, radish, and cilantro. $18
Hues Rancheros. You will love the dish made with roasted tomato-habanero sauce, roasted peppers and onions, eggs, corn tortillas, and ranchero black beans. This is a must-try! $10

Note: During Happy Hour (Wednesdays through Fridays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm), you get to enjoy 1/2 off all starters, $2 off on all beers, get house margaritas, wells, and house wine for $5 each.

This Is the Best Spot in Arizona if You Are a Major Steeler Fan

Skylanes Bowling club steeler fans

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Yes, there is no other place in Scottsdale or Arizona where you can feel the fanaticism of Steeler Nation so strongly than in Skylanes Bowling. This premier club gathers hardcore fans of the Black and Gold overtime the Pittsburgh Steelers take the grid-iron. Feel the energy of the club at the watch bar!

Everyone is invited to grab the Terrible Towels and come here every Sunday (or at times, Monday or Thursday) to cheer on Big Ben and the Black and Gold. Championship games are much more exciting to watch here, huh?

Skylanes Bowling is proud to be the premier spot in Scottsdale for the dedicated Steeler fans. The place also offers gameday specials, including amazing prices on drinks. That, you absolutely can’t miss as well!

Lastly, Make Corporate Events Much More Vibrant at Skylanes Bowling

high tech bowling

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Companies looking to put a different spin to their events often come to Skylanes Bowling. Given that this is a top-notch club, you don’t have to worry about a stuffy meeting room, or an overcrowded bar and grill. If you are already spending for a great company party, you might as well avail the far above average service, food, drinks, and entertainment.

The spacious area can accommodate up to 300 guests and has an elegantly decorated backdrop to your party. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, and 25 HD TVs. There are two 17-foot LED walls, a DJ booth, and five framed-portrait LEDs. If you come here, your presentations will definitely be cooler! The layout and equipment also allow the easy integration of live music, videography, and branding opportunities.

Are you worried about catering and decor? You won’t be outplayed here! The personal event concierge can easily take the reins and organize every aspect. There is also a full-service kitchen and one of the region’s most extensive bars, guaranteed to keep you and your guests happy.

Location: 7320 E. Indian Plaza Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

Is this the sort of place you’d want to visit?

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