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Life Is Too Short to Miss Out on the Yummy Desserts Served at This Homey Ice Cream Shop in Arizona

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If you are living in Arizona where the sun seems to be just outside your home, you’d definitely appreciate a fresh cold batch of ice cream no matter what time of day it is. Lucky for you, there are many spots where you can get the sweet summer staples such as Joe’s Italian’s Ice right in the heart of Tempe. In addition, there is also a shop in Avondale, Arizona that sells tangy and sweet water-based paletas or creamy, rich milk-based paletas.  Well, we have another suggestion for you. Papa Ed’s Ice Cream serves many yummy desserts, giving you a scoopful of a good time!

Come to the Quaint Papa Ed’s Ice Cream for a Sweet Treat

Papa Ed's Ice Cream arizona

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There’s nothing better than visiting an old school ice cream parlor that offers delectable desserts. Papa Ed’s Ice Cream is a cozy old fashioned ice cream shop in a converted garage that offers outdoor seating, as well as a variety of flavors and sundaes. It is the perfect destination during a hot summer day because it takes pride in its award of Glendale’s best ice cream.

The patrons will immediately feel welcome the minute they arrive and will find their eyes glued to the treats in front of them. You can choose from sixteen flavors of premium ice cream at an affordable price. These flavors are changed from time to time, but you will find the classic chocolate, strawberry, and butter pecan. Aside from the regular flavors, there are also surprising options such as honey lavender and cucumber lime sorbet. Choose whether to get your ice cream in a fresh-baked waffle bowl or cone, between two cookies, or sundae style.

Whatever it is, you will surely have a scoopful of good memories while eating your order inside, on the porch, or in the garden.

The History of Papa Ed’s Ice Cream

Glendale Ice Cream

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You might think that this old-fashioned ice cream shop has been around for God knows how long. That is partly true. However, the parlor was only opened on May 10, 2008. The spot was once a garage built in 1951, then transformed into an old fashioned ice cream parlor after ten months of renovation.

It is a family-owned business located inside the quaint and beautiful Catlin Court Historic District in downtown Glendale, Arizona. You just need to look at the back of a historic residential home, or the 1920’s bungalow called The Country Maiden. Coming there will be like walking into a page out of the secret garden. You will also be greeted by personable staff or three generations of smiling faces that are operating the old fashion ice cream parlor. The surrounding atmosphere has a hint of nostalgia and will make you feel at home too!

Just Visit Once and You Will Be Addicted for a Lifetime

Papa Ed's Ice Cream glendale az

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Premium ice cream? Yes, please! Even locals from different parts of the state flock here just to taste the much-talked-about ice cream. The shop boasts premium flavors at an affordable price, so your drive will definitely be worth it. Every flavor will just blow your mind away. They also offer children’s size scoops rather than a tiny cone with adult size scoops. That way, your little one won’t have a hard time eating the sweet treat.

There are regular ice cream options, but you can also enjoy some seasonal choices such as pumpkin and peppermint. You can ask them to serve it to you in your choice of cones, dish, waffle bowl, sundaes, cookie sandwiches, and take-home pints. On the other hand, the sundaes are served in dishes or waffle bowls and you can also choose from caramel, chocolate, and strawberry toppings. Make it fancy and add whip cream, nuts, or cherries!

There are also beverages such as teas, hot & cold brew coffee, and lemonades. For special occasions, get an order of ice cream pie, which is specially made to order with your favorite flavor of ice cream in a graham or cookie crust. If you are ordering this, just make sure that you call the shop in advance because a 24-hour notice is required for all ice cream pies.

Lastly, your furry friends will also love the Frosty Paw frozen treats made by Purina! Isn’t that sweet? You’re not the only one who will enjoy the desserts at Papa Ed’s Ice Cream

What Should You Try?

Raspberry Sorbet

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Let’s start with one of the fan favorites – the Raspberry Sorbet. This flavor is dairy-free and is made with raspberry puree.

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

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Here is another classic – the mint chocolate chip ice cream. This is inarguably one of the most famous ice cream flavors out there, and you need to try Papa Ed’s Ice Cream’s version. The dark chocolate chips provide a wonderful contrast to the sweet minty flavor.

Butter Pecan ice cream

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This is the parlor’s bestseller and for a good reason! The rich-tasting butter pecan ice cream with chopped pecans is absolutely drool-worthy. Get an order or two on a hot summer day and you will be delighted.

Caramel Pumpkin Crunch Papa Ed's Ice Cream

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You know what they say. Nothing says fall better than this Caramel Pumpkin Crunch made with a real pumpkin base, swirls of caramel, and pieces of crumble crust. Partner it with the freshly made waffle cones and you’re set. Now that looks delicious.

Monster Cookie Ice Cream arizona

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If you want to make your day sweeter, you better get yourself a Monster Cookie ice cream. It has a vanilla base with Oreo, chocolate chip, and vanilla wafer cookies.

Why Not Order Something Extra Special?

You’ve already seen the sweet options available at Papa Ed’s Ice Cream. We know what you are thinking. It’s not possible to pass by this place and not get ice cream.

Aztec Chocolate Papa Ed's Ice Cream

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Do you fancy Aztec chocolate? You won’t be disappointed with the ice cream parlor’s version. It is made with a coconut milk base, rich chocolate, and has just the right kick of chili pepper. This is a vegan option together with pumpkin pie, blueberry cardamom, and Vienna coffee.

Acai Cup

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If you want something other than the regular ice cream (although this place only serves premium and delicious treats), you better try the Acai Cup. The Acai puree mixed with raspberries, blueberries, and black raspberries is layered with other goodies such as granola and sliced almonds. It also has the toasted coconut, banana chips, and topped off with frozen blueberries and a scoop of sorbet.

Matcha Ice Cream Sandwich Papa Ed's Ice Cream

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Just look at that! You can also order fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies made from scratch and combined with your favorite ice cream. It is made to order your way, so you will surely enjoy it.

After you’re done eating your sweet treat, pair it with any of the shop’s loose teas to balance the flavors. They offer flavors of the day, and each tea is freshly brewed each morning and served iced.

Location: 7146 N 58th Ave B, Glendale, Arizona 85301

Don’t miss out on the yummy desserts served at this homey ice cream parlor! Life is too short for that.

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