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Make Your Way Past Gorgeous Streams, Meadows, and Scenic Sites in a Horseback Ride in Porter Mountain



Don’t make the mistake of exploring only the top and overrated places in Arizona. There are lots of activities you can try and hidden gems you can visit for a worthwhile travel! If you’ve always dreamed of being a cowboy or a cowgirl, or if you just want to ride a horses as you make your past scenic sites, this is the best place to be! Check out the Porter Mountain Stables and marvel at the beauty of nature.

The #1 Outdoor Adventure in Porter Mountain Is Definitely Worth Trying

porter mountain scenic ride az

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Get ready for a fun adventure and make sure to take the scenic trail ride that will take you through creeks, streams, meadows, and along the lake. Coming to the Porter Mountain Stables is considered a must-try for many visitors. If you want a truly unique experience, this is probably one of the best activities possible.

It doesn’t matter whether it is your first time riding a horse or not, the equestrian adventure will complete your whole western experience! The real stars of this activity are the four-legged gallant horses. While you marvel at the scenic sites, it won’t hurt if you stop to feed them some treats. After all, they deserve it!

The refreshing stroll through creeks and streams will energize your spirit. Not to mention, the breathtaking scenery of the Apache Sitgreaves forest is a perfect backdrop for your photos! Just know that there are different rides and trails in the Porter Mountain. Some rides will take you around Scotts Reservoir then into open ponderosa parks, and huge meadows.

If you can spare more time, you can avail of the longer rides and be able to see the Ice Caves or over to the Mesa Overlook. It’s much more delightful because you will see the view of the whole mountain.

An Equestrian Adventure You Can’t Miss While in Town

Horseback Ride

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One of the best things about this horseback adventure is that the staff working at the Porter Mountain Stables are all personable. They will match you with the perfect horse (remember to make a reservation!) and guide you properly so you can enjoy a pleasurable ride. Don’t be surprised if you see the horses all looking healthy and happy. They are well-taken care of by the family and everyone working at the stables. It is actually the most important thing before joining a horseback ride because you can gauge if some are just milking the animals for profit, or if they truly care about them.

Water Crossings Porter Mountain

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You will certainly fall in love with the trail that will take you through the lake and the woods. You will also see wildlife up close so be prepared to take photos!

If you are bringing a kid along, you should remember that they must be 6 years and up to join the tour.

Porter Mountain Stables: You Will Want to Try This Experience Again and Again!

Porter Mountain Stables arizona

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There are many visitors who come back to try the Porter Mountain horseback ride experience again. Since there are different trails and destinations, it’s not a surprise! If you want to know the best route that suits you and your travel itinerary, check this out:

1-Hour Ride

Choose this ride if you can’t stay for long but you want to ride off onto the creek. The 1-hour ride will let you cross the creek several times into a meadow opening. After that, you can just ride up into the trees and over to Scotts Reservoir Lake. It may only take you a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy scenic sights.

Rates: $37 for kids 6-12 years old; $39 for adults

2-Hour Ride

This option is basically the extension of the one-hour ride. For this ride, you can have your choice of two destinations. You can go through creeks, and around a small lake to see the Ice Caves, or you can choose to go to the Mesa Overlook. Either way, both will give you a splendid time because the area is so nice and perfect for riding!

Rates: $55 for kids 6-12 years old; $58 for adults

4-and 6-Hour Rides

Sometimes, an hour or two is not enough for a horseback ride. If you think that way too, be prepared to spend a great afternoon roaming around the Apache Sitgreaves forest. You will be in awe of the abundant wildlife as well as beautiful bodies of water in the area. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you better have your cameras ready to snap the alluring beauty of nature while you’re here.

Rates: $100 & $165 per person (Note: 20% Gratuity will automatically be applied to these rides)

Sunset Ride. Watch the beautiful sunset in Arizona as the wildlife comes to life on the back side of the lake. The Sunset Ride at Porter Mountain Stables lets you enjoy 1.5 hours touring the back side of Scotts Reservoir lake. It might not sound that “appealing” now, but wait until you see the view from there. It will give you an experience of a lifetime! During summer months, the Sunset Ride will start at 5:30 pm. On the other hand, it starts later at 6:30 pm during the winter season.

Rates: $54 per person

What You Should Know

Horseback Ride Arizona Porter Mountain

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  • The ride will indeed be enjoyable. Still, don’t get too restless on top of the horse or you might fall down. Most of the ride will take you through the forest so it’s partially shaded. Still, remember to bring a bottle of water with you and maybe some trail snacks so you can chill while enjoying the ride.
  • There are different time slots for each ride. If you want to enjoy this experience in a cool temperature, it is best if you book morning slots. The earliest time for the 1-hour and 2-hour rides is 8:00 am.
  • Porter Mountain Stables always recommend reservations so they can match you with the perfect horse. They will also ask for reservations in the winter months.
  • The 4-hour and 6-hour rides can be booked by appointment only. If you want to spend a great afternoon roaming around the Apache Sitgreaves forest, you better check their website or call their phone number for reservations.
Horseback Ride Kids

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  • Children can also take part in the Porter Mountain adventure. However, they must be 6 years and above to ride.
  • Double riding is absolutely not allowed.
  • If you want to make a reservation, make sure to call their contact number. They are not accepting reservations through email.


Location: 3092 Jacks Road Lakeside, Arizona 85929

Note: For the landmark, you will see a blue A-frame sign that says horse rental” Turn there and follow it in. In case you encounter any problems, or if you get lost, don’t hesitate to contact Porter Mountain Stables for help and direction.

Contact No.: 928-368-9599

Don’t you think this activity is perfect for those with cowgirl or cowboy dreams? If you want to experience the thrilling and fun horseback riding activity in Porter Mountain, by all means, go for it!

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