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There’s Still Time to See the NEOWISE Comet Soar Through The Arizona Skies This Month, Here’s How

Suny Errot



A comet swinging past the Earth’s orbit doesn’t happen every so often. This is why when astronomers encouraged and advised people about where to see the NEOWISE comet in Arizona, a lot of individuals really waited in anticipation. Its closest point to Earth was last July 23, but you still have time to see it soar through the Arizona skies.

We Already Know the Question You Have in Mind, ‘Hey, Where to See NEOWISE Comet in Arizona?’

Location of Comet NEOWISE

Source: Earth Sky

The newly-discovered NEOWISE comet has already been visible for a week, and it appears between an hour or 90 minutes after sunset. According to a senior astronomer at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, you should look to the northwest horizon and below the Big Dipper portion of the constellation Ursa Major. The instructions may seem confusing, especially if you’re not into astronomy. But if you want to get a glimpse of the comet and you are unsure where the Big Dipper is, you can download an app such as Night Sky to locate constellations. You can do it by aiming your iPhone at the sky. It will even point you to the direction of the planets and stars!

So, What Does It Look Like?

Just grab a telescope and wait for the NEOWISE comet to come into view. It will appear as a fuzzy object with a broad tail near the horizon. Some individuals who have already seen the comet said was an easy naked-eye object, but it was really rewarding through binoculars. Are you still wondering where to see NEOWISE comet in Arizona? We know some of the best spots where you could see it.

Check out some of these cool photos of the comet in various locations:

Sunset Crater

Sunset Crater az

Source: Instagram

Waking up early to catch the comet will definitely be worth it if you have a view like this. The Arizona skies and landscape provide a good backdrop to this wondrous occurrence.

Wupatki National Monument Road

where to see NEOWISE comet in Arizona Wupatki National Monument

Source: Instagram

You can actually scour Google Earth to see the roads lining that would match the bearing of where the comet was set to rise. This photo was taken along the road in Wupatki National Monument Arizona. This is just a great spot to immerse in the whole comet-seeing experience.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Comet Neowise

Source: Instagram

Just look at the light show transpiring before Grand Canyon. The celestial visitor looks particularly lovely shining above the gorgeous rock formations, and filtering through the clouds.

Where to See NEOWISE Comet in Arizona? Until When Can You See It?

The wonderful NEOWISE comet graced the early morning skies beginning in early July. As time passes by, it may continue to climb higher in the sky. Some say it could remain visible to some extent into August. That is if the comet doesn’t break apart. Considering that these celestial happenings are volatile, it is best if you get out and get a repeat viewing as it climbs higher.

Some observers recommend that once you spot it with your binoculars, you can already remove them and just witness it as a “fuzzy object” with your naked eye. But if you really want to see the comet’s split tail, then you better grab on to your binoculars or telescope. The beautiful experience of watching the NEOWISE comet is already unmatched. You can snap some photos if you have a good camera. Otherwise, you may capture several seconds-long exposure images of the approximate area of the sky. You can also play around with your device’s zoom settings.

Were you able to catch a glimpse of the NEOWISE comet? Share your photos with us in the comments below!

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