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Not Many People Know The World’s Largest Kokopelli Statue is Right Here in Arizona




Not all giants are created equal, right? And why not go and take a look at a giant when in Arizona? Take a trip to Camp Verde, Arizona, and you’ll encounter a one-of-a-kind giant. And this giant pays homage to a fascinating mythological figure.


Meet the World’s Largest Kokopelli

A whimsical sight greets travelers along Arizona highways: a colossal, 32-foot-tall steel sculpture depicting Kokopelli, a revered figure in Native American mythology. This impressive landmark, known as the World’s Largest Kokopelli, stands proudly in Camp Verde, attracting visitors and sparking curiosity about the character it portrays.


Kokopelli: The Trickster, Musician, and Fertility Deity

Kokopelli’s origins stretch back thousands of years, with depictions found in ancient rock art and pottery of the Southwest. Often portrayed as a humpbacked figure with a distinctive flute, Kokopelli holds a special place in the cultures of Pueblo peoples like the Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo. His symbolism is multifaceted, weaving together several essential roles:

  • Fertility and Agriculture: In many Pueblo cultures, Kokopelli is seen as a bringer of life and abundance. He’s associated with agricultural success, ensuring plentiful harvests and the continuation of life. Some stories depict him carrying seeds or even babies on his back, symbolizing his role in fertility.
  • Music and Celebration: Kokopelli’s signature flute isn’t just an ornament. He’s considered a skilled musician, and his melodies are said to chase away winter, usher in spring, and bring joy to the people. His music is believed to have the power to heal, inspire creativity, and even get good luck.
  • The Trickster: Kokopelli’s playful nature sometimes takes a naughty turn. He can be a trickster figure known for pranks and lighthearted chaos. These stories often serve as a reminder to maintain balance and a sense of humor in life.


A Modern Marvel with a Humble Beginning

The World’s Largest Kokopelli was crafted in the 1980s by blacksmith Gerry Berg and his son. Initially envisioned as a way to draw visitors to the Krazy Kokopelli Trading Post, the towering sculpture quickly became a landmark in its own right. While the trading post has since transformed into a Starbucks and a Mexican restaurant, the Kokopelli statue stands tall, a testament to the enduring legacy of this mythological figure.

A Legacy of Kokopelli

Today, the World’s Largest Kokopelli reminds us of the Southwest’s rich cultural heritage. It’s more than just a roadside attraction; it’s a symbol that sparks conversation about the region’s fascinating mythology. So next time you’re cruising down the Arizona highways, watch for this larger-than-life representation of Kokopelli, a legendary figure who continues to capture imaginations.

Location: 1620 AZ-260, Camp Verde, Arizona, 86322

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