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Visit This Magical Place in Arizona to see Wildflowers Blooming like Crazy




What can be more beautiful than being in your flowery wonderland and seeing expansive blankets of gorgeous Mexican gold poppies? Truly, you can say that nature puts on quite a show in this magical place in Arizona during Springtime. This is one of the most beautiful places to see in Arizona, and we are NOT kidding. Keep reading and be amazed.

Peridot Mesa: A hidden gem filled with wildflowers blooming like crazy!

Love wildflowers? Then Peridot Mesa in Arizona should be your #1 must-visit destination! This is just one of the most popular spots for wildflower viewing because of its promising and vibrant view. We mean, just look at this:

Source: Arizonahighways

Don’t you think it’s magical?

There will be dots of yellows (and oranges) as far as your eyes can see. It gives any photographer a picture-perfect moment they can’t capture just anywhere. Just by looking at the field, you already want to jump for joy as you stroll the majestic place! You should know that the poppies bloom from late February through early April. This gives those who visit Arizona during the 1st quarter of the year the chance to see this destination in full bloom.

You should also come in the late morning so the field will be ablaze with color.

Why Is It Called Peridot Mesa?

Source: Pbase

Interestingly, Peridot Mesa has more to do with geology. This place is rich in Peridot, or olive green gemstones. These gemstones are found in the basalt rock atop the Peridot Mesa. Do you know why this sounds familiar to you? Peridot is one of the three birthstones for August.

Fun facts:

  • This mineral (Peridot) is also abundant in Hawaii, particularly in the Green Sand Beach.
  • San Carlos Indian Reservation (where Peridot Mesa is) is said to hold the largest deposit of Peridot in the world. The place consistently produces a substantial amount of this stone.

A Hot Spot for Wildflower Viewing

Peridot Mesa San Carlos Indian Reservation AZ
Source: Instagram / Instagram

We already said it before. It’s the must-visit destination if you’re constantly looking for the best wildflowers. But don’t think poppies are the only thing you’ll see. You will also find globemallow, lupine, and other blooms scattering about. This is what makes it an unforgettable sight! Come during springtime to see it bloom like crazy!

Source: Roamtheworld

General Information:

  • The Peridot Mesa is located on San Carlos Tribal Lands, so visitors are all required to purchase a permit. Permits cost $10 and can be purchased at any of these locations:
  • San Carlos Apache Tribe Recreation and Wildlife Office in US-70, Peridot, Arizona, 85542
    Phone: (928) 475-2343
  • Circle K 2011 in US-70 Globe, Arizona, 85501
    Phone: (928) 425-5114
  • Wear closed-toed shoes and heavy pants when you visit Peridot Mesa to be safe. When the temperature starts to rise, a lot of snakes usually appear.
  • You can find Peridot Mesa east of Globe, Arizona on the San Carlos Indian Reservation. It can be accessed via US-70 near the Coolidge Dam Road.
  • Take lots of photos, and the full bloom wonderland is yours to keep forever.


What do you think of this Arizona destination? It’s stunning, isn’t it? If you’re looking for another activity other than wildflower viewing, you can also try RV camping. There’s a little RV park in Springerville with the friendliest campers!