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This Hidden Spring in the Grand Canyon is the Deadliest in the World




Arizona has a lot of awesome natural wonders. Its most iconic landmark, the Grand Canyon, is so popular that it’s the first thing you associate with the state. But did you know that the canyon also has a secret spot just along the Colorado River? The hidden spot is known as the Pumpkin Spring in Arizona, and it is as beautiful as it is toxic!

A Princess’ Least Favorite Pumpkin

Cinderella may have been able to see her prince charming by riding a pumpkin carriage. But she’d probably think twice about dipping her toes into this one! Hidden in the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon lies a unique pool of water that resembles a giant pumpkin.

A Highly Unusual Formation Jutting Out From the Canyon Wall

This pool is a geological oddity that’s perched above the river. It can be accessed by taking a boat ride at mile 212.9. It is known as the Pumpkin Spring Pool, the only “truly dangerous” water in the Grand Canyon.

According to research, this pool is travertine, a form of limestone that is deposited by hot springs. It builds up and eventually forms a weird shape, and in this case, took the appearance of the famous pumpkin.

The natural bowl spills bitter water into the river. While it appears to be full of mineral-rich water, it is actually the exact opposite.

The Pumpkin Spring in Arizona is a Witch’s Fatal Brew

Look at it. Doesn’t it look inviting? However, don’t be fooled by the Pumpkin Spring in Arizona. It may look friendly and safe for swimming. But its waters contain a mixture of lead, zinc, copper, and very high levels of arsenic. According to recent testing, 1 liter of water from the Pumpkin Spring in Arizona contains 1100 milligrams of arsenic. That’s no joke!

The state health standard for safe water is only 50 milligrams of arsenic per liter. But this pool has 1100 milligrams of arsenic per liter! Guests are discouraged to swim or bathe in this pool, and drinking is strictly prohibited (and downright suicidal).

Why Should You Refrain From Jumping Right In?

As mentioned before, it contains dangerous levels of arsenic. Jumping in would be a foolish option. Don’t even start about asking if you should ingest it.

Arsenic poisoning is actually scary. It will begin with a headache, diarrhea, and lethargy. Then it would lead to vomiting, cramped muscles, hair loss, stomach pain, and urinating with blood. The worst-case scenario is either coma or death.

Note: While a quick dip in Pumpkin Spring does not precipitate any mortal and immediate danger, it is better to be safe than sorry or dead! Take our advice and just don’t dip. If you really can’t resist it, make sure to have a shower right after.

To know more about the Grand Canyon or the Pumpkin Spring, you may call Grand Canyon’s visitor phone at (928) 638-7888. You may also look for a Colorado River rafting tour to find about how you can reach this famous attraction.

The Pumpkin Spring in Arizona is proof that beauty can sometimes bring harm. If you’re going to explore this, remember to just observe, appreciate, and take photos, instead of taking a dip!

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