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Saguaro Cactus Facts That Show Why They Are The Coolest Cacti



If you don’t already have a favorite cactus, you’re about to! These saguaro cactus facts will definitely make that happen.

1) The Saguaro Cactus is Only Found in the Sonoran Desert

An old saguaro cactus in the Arizona desert.
Flickr User Rob Overcash

For you to ever see on in its natural habitat, you’ll have to visit the Sonoran Desert. This one is about 30 feet tall. They aren’t exactly what you’d call dainty that’s for sure.

2) They’re the Largest Cactus in the United States!

A large saguaro cactus from below.
Flickr User Alex Segarra

They can eventually grow to be between 40 and 60 feet tall. These are the true giants of the desert.

3) They Actually Grow Very Slowly

Baby saguaro cacti growing in a planter.
Flickr User geoferrier

It might take 10 years to grow a few inches. But when they’ll get there. And when they do, they will stand tall above the rest.

4) Saguaros Weigh Between 3,200 and 4,800 LBS

Fat saguaro cactus in the foreground of the Southwestern desert mountains.

They’re full of juicy goodness and are home to insects. The cactus wren likes to live in them as well. The more rain, the heavier the cactus.

5) They Grow Arms That Bend Upward!

Saguaro cactus with many long arms extending upward.
Flickr User Alex Segarra

Some cacti have 25 or more arms. They look like they’re waving to you from a distance.

6) They Can Be Rather Prickly…

Prickly blue and purple spines on top of a saguaro cactus.
Flickr User I Luv Cameras

The spines help keep them safe from predatory animals who want to steal their water and juice.

7) Beautiful White Flowers Grow Among the Spines

White flowers growing out of a saguaro.
Flickr User Dan Sorensen

Go in the Spring if you want to see these.

8) Red Fruit Grows Too

Red saguaro cactus fruit grows on the outside of a saguaro cactus.
Flickr User Lars Hammar

The red color attracts birds and bees to suck out the sweet nectar and pollinate the desert. A summer visit is called for if you’re hoping to see this in person. These are actually quite delicious, though they have a lot of seeds.

9) Crazy Fact: A Saguaro Cactus Can Live to be 200 Years Old

Many saguaro cacti across a Southwestern desert landscape.

They are the old men of the desert standing tall and proud. Imagine how old all of these saguaros are combined.

10) Saguaros That Have Died Have Many Uses

A dead saguaro cactus in front of a few live ones.

It’s sad when they die. But their existence doesn’t end there. Even though they’re protected by law, You can use them to build roofs, furniture, or fences. Native Americans also used them to hold water. They’re also good for eating if you feel adventurous.

Saguaro cactus facts are actually quite fun aren’t they!