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We Have Found the Best Pizza Restaurant in Bisbee. Check it Out!

Suny Errot



The only thing you need after a long day exploring Wild West history in Tombstone, Arizona is delicious and irresistible food such as pizza. Wait. Scratch that. It’s the only thing you need in this world. Not every day can be “National Pizza Day,” but you can head to Screaming Banshee Arizona as often as you like if you can’t get enough of it! We guarantee you, this is the best stopover you need to make!

Bring Joy to Your Soul With Flavorful Pizza

Let’s get this straight. Turning an old building into a restaurant is an appealing concept. But if that’s the plan and you’re the owner, you better make sure that you can follow through with good food the customers will love. Let’s talk about this re-purposed gas station. 

Screaming Banshee in Arizona is best known for its amazing fire-baked pizzas that you can dress up with as many combinations of toppings you like. They use only fresh ingredients, and they serve you pizza goodness with the crust charred over a wood fire. And the result? It’s T-A-S-T-Y!

What Should You Order?

  • The Screaming Banshee Pizza
  • Wood-Roasted Veggie Pizza
  • Margarita Bliss Pizza
  • Antipasto
  • Red Pepper Madness
  • The Big P Pizza
  • Meatball Parmesan Sandwich
  • Bearded Clam Pasta

Note: You can also build your own pizza from $10.95. They also have sweet desserts and a good selection of drinks you can pair with your pizza.

You Can’t Top the Screaming Banshee Experience – Wait, Okay, Maybe You Can Top It…

…with MORE pizza toppings! You can choose from a good array of toppings from gorgonzola to housemade fennel sausage. As for the whole experience at this restaurant, you best believe you’re in for a great time! It has a really cool atmosphere and the place even embraces the punk-rock-meets-Mardi-Gras theme.

Before your leave, don’t forget to get your photo taken at this cool high chair. All Hail the Pizza King Queen!

Screaming Banshee Chair Bisbee
Source: Screaming Banshee | Tawny Meyers Dewey & Saralilia Franco

This place also has nothing but good reviews. So if you’re visiting, here’s what you should expect:

  • You can opt to have a vegan or vegetarian pizza because Screaming Banshee in Bisbee Arizona will do anything just to make you happy.
  • Come try their authentic Bananas Foster. It’s nothing short of heavenly!
  • They have abundant seating inside the restaurant. But you should also check out the back patio. It is a hidden gem.
  • This restaurant is widely popular to locals and visitors alike, so the service speed may vary depending on the number of guests. Expect a long wait if there are many patrons (And don’t hate! They just want some of that delicious pizza, too!)

Location: 200 Tombstone Canyon Rd, Arizona
Contact No.: 520-432-1300
Website: http://www.screamingbansheepizza.net/

Bisbee is not just a culinary destination. But at least they have a good pizza place you can check out if you’re craving for delicious food! Have you been here before? Share your experience with us in the comments below.