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See How Firefighting Was Done Back in the Day at This Phoenix Museum



No matter the day and age, the world will always recognize firefighters as timeless heroes who dedicate their lives to save and protect others. They are the selfless and brave individuals who carry out such a scary task. They do it with compassion and alertness anyways. With that said, it is but a right to have a hall of flame fire museum such as the Phoenix museum to showcase the firefighters’ acts of heroism as well as the collection of all objects used in firefighting.

You should see how firefighting was done back in the day!

Learn About the Great History of Firefighting

The Hall of Flame Museum is considered the world’s largest firefighting museum which chronicles the history of the profession, including all the collection and preservation of all tools, and commemorates the fallen firefighters. George F. Getz Jr. had a private collection of firefighting before he opened the original Hall of Flame in Wisconsin in 1961.

Some people believe that this Phoenix Museum one of the Valley’s lesser-known museums. However, prepare to be amazed! This place features more than 10,000 pieces of the earliest fire fighting technology dating back to 1725. It also includes interesting equipment back in the day such as 130 wheeled vehicles, suits, extinguishers, and other artifacts from Austria, America, England, France, and Japan.

What is the most interesting piece in the museum?

We are not being biased, but the restored fire trucks (the main concentration of the museum) are definitely the best! You can see a range of horse-drawn fire carriages from 1865, and the rigid frame trucks (Type 700) used by the United States in the mid to late 1950s. Visitors will get a simple fascination and wonder at how firefighters reached the places they need to save back in the day!

Commemoration of Fallen Heroes

One of the most important displays in this Phoenix Museum is located in the sixth gallery. The sixth gallery, or the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes, is dedicated to honoring all firefighters who have lost their lives in the call of duty since 1800. There is also a special memorial for those who have bravely served on 9/11.

The names of the heroes are emblazoned on the wall. Aside from the wall display, visitors can also check the computer terminals to see the list of firefighters.

How Should You Explore This Phoenix Museum?

You’ll find great history and vintage equipment that will give you an idea of how firefighting was done back in the day everywhere you go.

  • If you’re with your kid, you should proceed to the 2,000 square foot special interactive area and exhibit so they can don the firefighter garb as they explore the fire engine.
  • When you check out the collection, be sure to keep the notebook given to you by their staff. It has all the details on the fire equipment.
  • The Hall of Flame Museum boasts the largest collection of fire fighting equipment and history in the world. But if you’re confused, you can always ask their staff. Almost all of the employees here are volunteers. They are either retired from the firefighting profession or have had some lifelong affiliation with the job. Many commend their employees because they are not only helpful. They’re knowledgeable, too!
  • Take out your phone and snap some photos! The equipment in this Phoenix museum is pristine and fully-restored, you’d wonder if they are really from hundreds of years ago. 

Admission Rates:
$7 for adults
$6 for seniors
$5 for ages 6-17
$2 for ages 3-5

Location: 6101 East Van Buren St., Phoenix

Talk about an interesting museum!

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