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Sleep in a Treehouse Right Here in Arizona for a Fun Getaway




If you were to choose between stargazing from a big bubble or stargazing from the comfort of such an amazing treehouse, which would you pick? We’re pretty sure that either of the two choices is spectacular. But if you’re more into staying in a forest canopy in a Treehouse Hotel, this one’s for you! The unparalleled views are enough to make you think of your biggest dreams.

A Childhood Memory and a Safe Space

Remember when you were still a kid and you were busy climbing up and down the treehouse? Well, just because you’re a lot older now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anymore. In fact, that’s all the more reason that you have to do it. What if we tell you that you can do it in style?

Meet: The Treehouse Hotel

Treehouse Hotel Airbnb Prescott Arizona
Source: Airbnb

Gaze up and be in awe of the beautiful Arizona night sky while up in this beautiful treehouse. At first glance, it looks like your typical backyard treehouse. But you should know that it’s shockingly different because it even has a glass-paneled ceiling to enhance your stargazing experience. You can just look at the unobstructed view and fall asleep under the stars. Now that’s your kind of Airbnb!

Source: Airbnb

This Treehouse Hotel Airbnb is nestled high up in the trees and has a twin bed, desk, and a dresser. It can sleep two people, although you might have to really snuggle close to your partner.

Source: Airbnb

You will also be given access to the shared house that has the kitchen, bathrooms, living and dining areas, and laundry room. Note: To go to this shared house, enter the green door into the kitchen (located off the driveway) or the red door into the front room (off the main street). You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your cereal while using WiFi.

Source: Airbnb

Or you can also make your own coffee in the Coffee Service station near the common area of the main house. The owner also usually leaves snacks and fruits, and guests are free to enjoy these complimentary items! Don’t forget to share with your partner.

Source: Airbnb

When you’re ready, you can just go back to your temporary home perched up in the tree while reading a good book. The treehouse requires you to climb a 15-foot ladder. You better be careful when going up or down.

Explore Nearby Attractions and Hiking Trails

There’s a chance you’ll be staying at this Treehouse Hotel for a couple of days. While stargazing is definitely a perfect activity, you can still go out and explore the nearby attractions and activities in the area. You can ask the owner or even the housemate for directions and recommendations.

Note: If you don’t like to be rushed in your side-trip adventure, you can just explore once you check out of the Airbnb. Watson Lake is a good destination and it’s just near Prescott!

The Treehouse Hotel in Arizona is a short 15-minute walk or a 5-minute bike ride to downtown Prescott. It’s located in a mixed residential and industrial neighborhood, so you can rest assured this is a safe space.

What do you think of this treehouse?