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This Taco Restaurant in Phoenix Has a Past You Should Know About

Suny Errot



Who would have thought that a place famous for its Mexican fare used to be a completely different place in the past? It is but a testament to the fact that nothing is constant in the world. The best taco restaurant in Phoenix Arizona used to be a completely different place once upon a time. Are you getting curious? Here’s the interesting story behind the Taco Guild in Phoenix!

Taco Guild’s Very Rich and Interesting History

Taco Guild used to be a church called the Smith’s Chapel when it was constructed in 1893. When the church opened one year later, the name became Bethel Methodist Church, honoring Mrs. Smith’s home church in Illinois. In 2012, the property was vacated and deconsecrated.

Today, the cornerstones that commemorate the accomplishment still exist and are considered a beautiful part of history in the redeveloped structure. It is now a neighborhood gastropub that serves delicious Mexican fare and the finest tequilas available. The historic building is like a step into the past, and it certainly gives a sense of nostalgia and old-world charm.

A Place For the People

Taco Guild Food
Source: Taco Guild

This taco restaurant in Arizona embraces the tradition of that guild and considers their culinary craftsmen the best in their chosen field. This is how they create and serve such unforgettable and tasty flavors you can’t find anywhere else. They openly embrace the essence of the time-honored recipes, creating a daily experience worthy of the masters.

Taco Guild is the Best Taco Restaurant in Phoenix!

Taco Guild
Source: Taco Guild

It would be a crime not to try the tacos in Taco Guild, especially when they’re the winner of Phoenix New Times People’s Choice Awards for Best Tacos! They are also voted for having one of the best tacos in the country. You should try their new plant-based tacos namely the Mushroom Barbacoa, Spicy Black Bean Taco, and Papas Bravas Tacos!

Time-Tested Plates

Al Pastor and Cherry Steak Tacos Taco Guild
Source: Al Pastor and Cherry Steak Tacos in Taco Guild Phoenix | Taco Guild

Many visitors really like the eclectic mix of upcycled plates. This taco place in Phoenix strongly believes that it is better to use what is time-tested. Not all plates are the same because each one has a story, a look, and a different texture. Also, each plate has a new take on traditional fare.  

You might agree that the upcycled plates look aesthetic. But there is more to that. The eclectic mix is also purposeful as it shows Taco Guild’s commitment and dedication to sustainability.

As they say, the distinctive plate is dedicated to every masterfully hand-crafted dish. All in all, it imparts plate harmony. 

Location: 546 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, Arizona

Note: Taco Guild also offers catering and delivery service, you should visit their website for more information.

Website: https://tacoguild.com/

We bet you loved the history of the Taco Guild in Phoenix. Now, it’s time to fall in love with their food!