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Take a Trip to These 12 Hidden Waterfalls in Arizona to Discover Breathtaking Scenery



Waterfalls in the desert? Yes, you got that right. There are many beautiful hidden waterfalls in Arizona that you need to check out if you want to relax in a scenic setting and cool off on a hot day. Keep scrolling to see the hidden waterfalls and be amazed!

The beautiful hidden waterfalls in Arizona:

1. Grand Falls

Grand Falls az

Source: Instagram

We already know what you’re thinking – loud and clear. This looks like Willy Wonka’s waterfall. Yup, that’s what we thought the first time we saw a photo of the Grand Falls, too. Grand Falls is one of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls in Arizona. We don’t even have to convince you because you’ll agree with that sentiment just by looking at it. You’ll be surprised to know that the melted chocolate appearance of this natural wonder isn’t the only thing that makes it “grand.”

It’s actually impressive because it is taller than Niagara Falls, towering at over 185 feet tall. It’s dormant much of the year, but if you visit during the right season, you will definitely see the strong flow of Grand Falls and be amazed by its sheer power. The best time to view Grand Falls is during the snowmelt in early spring, or sometime from March to April, and possibly into May.

Check out our article on the magnificent chocolate waterfalls. You can find Grand Falls 30 miles northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona in the Painted Desert on the Navajo Nation.

2. Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls arizona waterfalls

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Yes, this is probably our nth time mentioning and “flexing” Havasu Falls, but come on, how can we not? It is not just one of the hidden waterfalls in Arizona you need to visit. It is literally a magical place. The Havasu Falls is famous for its bright blue-green water that looks like the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day. The area is also a hit with many hikers and outdoor lovers.

Despite having to conquer long treks into the canyon, many individuals (locals and tourists) still come here to see the beautiful waterfall in person. Thankfully, Havasu Creek feeds year-round waterfalls, so compared to Grand Falls which is dormant most of the year, you can visit this place anytime. You will fall in love with the waterfall that cascades off travertine cliffs into a turquoise pool. Many people say the falls used to be bigger before and that it was 120 feet high in a wide singular column. However, a powerful flood in the 90s knocked out nearly a quarter of its height and created a 90-foot pair of plumes. In 2008, another flash flood changed its once symmetrical flow. Today, you will notice it emerges sideways.

If you want to go and check out Havasu Falls, you should head over to the southwest corner of the Grand Canyon.

3. Cibecue Falls

Cibecue Falls az

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Conquer a fun canyoneering adventure to reach Arizona’s hidden gem and see the cascading water of Cibecue Falls. You will just need to finish a short and easy hike before you reach your destination, but the journey is worth it. This is a remote area, so you won’t get annoyed by the throng of people or fellow hikers that crowd the trail. You’ll be in out of the water the whole time of the hike while being surrounded by absolutely beautiful scenery. That will just make the experience predominantly cool, and of course, unforgettable!

If you’re planning to visit Cibecue Falls, you better schedule a trip from May to September. Many trails in the reservation will be closed from Labour Day to April. Visit the secluded Cibecue, Arizona, in the White Mountain Apache tribal lands if you want to see this beautiful waterfall.

4. Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls hidden waterfalls in arizona

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Many people say Mooney Falls is the grandest of the waterfalls in the Grand Canyon. In fact, it may be “grander” (or is it?) than Grand Falls. This beauty is the tallest of the Havasupai Reservation waterfalls, as it plunges about 190 feet in a tall singular column amongst travertine stalactites. Mooney Falls is lesser-known than Havasu Falls, but you can’t deny it is wonderful! You may just find this one a little harder to access since it is situated in a somewhat enclosed position. In fact, this area is mostly visited by expert hikers. Reaching this waterfall will be very challenging and dangerous, because travelers will have to hike down through a menacing passageway cut through the side of the canyon wall.

Go to the Havasupai campgrounds if you want to see Mooney Falls.

5. Seven Falls

seven falls hidden waterfalls in arizona

Source: Instagram

We call this particular waterfall, a “Tucson right-of-passage.” You’ll love that it’s so easy to access Seven Falls, and that it’s so beautiful. Prepare to cross streams and do vertical climbs. The trail is also easy enough to navigate, but some kids may still get tired. There is very little shade in the trail, but your sweat will be worth it because the hike itself is picturesque and good for the soul. The best time to visit Seven Falls is during springtime, when all of the snowmelt is filling the river. By then, you will see it in its full glory!

Do you want to visit Seven Falls? You can find it by hiking the Bear Canyon Trail in Tucson.

6. Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls arizona

Source: Instagram

Swim in the turquoise waters and have an enjoyable time at one of the underrated hidden waterfalls in Arizona. Beaver Falls is well worth the trip because it’s one of the many falls that runs from Havasu Creek. You can find it at the bottom of the falls. While it’s not as grand or impressive as the others, this one still has a certain charm because of its photo-worthy nature. If you want to meditate or just do some morning yoga, this is probably better because it offers quieter moments compared to when you go to Havasu or Mooney Falls.

Check out Beaver Falls when you visit Havasupai!

7. Fossil Creek Waterfall

Fossil Creek Waterfall hidden waterfalls in arizona

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Who knew a short, one-mile trail will lead to a beautiful creek and natural waterfall? The Fossil Creek Waterfall is one of the places you can go to if you simply want to relax and escape to a scenic destination. The area is usually secluded, so you’ll also be provided with a serene environment. This waterfall is said to possess the clearest water of any swimming hole in Arizona. Isn’t that such a delight?

It’s best to come here during spring to summer seasons, from April to October. Plan a weekend trip and head over to Fossil Creek, a surreal place in Arizona, when you feel like relaxing in the cool waters of the Fossil Creek Waterfall!

8. Reavis Falls

Reavis Falls az hidden waterfalls in arizona

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The Superstition Wilderness is definitely home to many beautiful attractions. One of these is Reavis Falls, which looks spectacular as it is powerful. The flow here can vary greatly and would depend on recent snow melting or rainfall. If you happen to see it with its full flow, you’ll find it too beautiful for words. This natural wonder was named after Elisha Marcus Reavis, who was a well-off individual that owned a farm, ranch, and orchard in the Superstition Mountains a few miles south of the falls.

At 196 feet tall, the Reavis Falls is even taller than the Niagara Falls and the Grand Falls. That’s just impressive! You should visit during spring, or after heavy rains, to see the full force of its water flow.

Hike to Reavis Falls via the Reavis Trailhead Road in Apache Junction, Arizona.

9. Tonto Natural Bridge Falls

Tonto Natural Bridge Falls state park

Source: Instagram

This beauty is just about an hour away from Phoenix, so it’s ideal if you want a quick getaway and take a dip in one of the beautiful hidden waterfalls in Arizona. Tonto Natural Bridge Falls is a sight to behold because its water softly cascades from the hanging garden of ferns and moss. You will feel like you’ve been transported to a magical rainforest, and forget you are actually in the arid southwest.

The beauty of the Tonto Natural Bridge Falls is revealed at the end of the trail, at a shady grotto of caves. If you want to see this natural wonder in person, you should come to Pine, Arizona.

10. Queen Creek Waterfall

Queen Creek Waterfall az

Source: Instagram

It’s a simple waterfall, but it will definitely make you look twice because it’s pleasant to look at. Queen Creek Waterfall is a cascade and series of pools in a rugged canyon just east of Superior. You can actually spot it right next to US Hwy. 60. If you are heading East, you can pull over by the two large gravel lots on the right-hand side of US 60 and walk along the outside edge of the guard rail for the best view! From there, you’ll see it cascading down the cliff on the north side of the highway.

The rocks are pretty slippery, so you should be careful when getting closer. Take the Bellamy Trail in Queen Creek Canyon to see this gem!

11. Bridal Wreath Falls

Bridal Wreath Falls hidden waterfalls in arizona

Source: Instagram

Bridal Wreath Falls will make you take a fairly easy hike, but you will be rewarded by the gorgeous and refreshing waterfall at the end! The elevation gain from the hike isn’t that significant, so you’ll definitely enjoy the whole trip to this waterfall. You will also find the trail well-marked and clean. There’s no need to worry about getting lost. If you don’t want to see Bridal Wreath Falls with very little water flowing, you better come in the late fall or early spring. Take the Douglas Spring Trail because this provides more guidance and markers along the way.

12. Wolf Creek Falls

Wolf Creek Falls arizona nature destinations

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We don’t know if you’ve already heard of the Wolf Creek Falls. If you haven’t been here, just know that it’s a true gem. Just before the creek dumps into the Hassayampa River, it falls through a narrow granite gorge spilling icy water over slick rock. The water then drops into pools 90 feet below the cliffs. It’s an impressive waterfall standing at 90 feet tall, but for some reason, not a lot of people know about this place. There is also the Upper Pool and Small Falls. You can find the Main Falls a few hundred feet downstream and plunges close to 50 or 60 feet.

Don’t expect much in the summer months because it’s dry most of the year. Come winter when the snow on the Bradshaw Mountain peaks melt, the underrated waterway comes alive for you to enjoy.

Which is your favorite among these hidden waterfalls in Arizona?

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