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The Pick Winner in Arizona Never Claimed Their $14.6 Million Winnings



The Pick logo for the Arizona lottery.

The Pick winning ticket was sold on June 5, 2019, in Goodyear, Arizona. The winner had 180 days to come in and claim their money but never showed up. The unfortunate winner had until December 2, 2019. Considering this just happened earlier this week, Arizonans should pay close attention to their lottery tickets. There are a few things you may not know about claiming winning lottery tickets. Let us help shed some light on this and try to prevent it from happening again by answering some important questions.

How Do You Claim Your Lottery Winnings?

If you play the Arizona Lottery and win more than $600, you’ll need to sign the back of your ticket and come to one of the Arizona Lottery’s offices.

What Kind of Game is The Pick?

The Pick is Arizona’s unique draw game. You pick your magic numbers and if the numbers that are drawn match your numbers on your ticket, you win! If you get all the numbers right, you win the jackpot. Otherwise, you share your winnings with other lucky players.

What Happens if I Win The Pick Jackpot?

If you’re the lucky jackpot winner, you’ll have up to 60 days to choose how you want to receive your payment:

  • Annually over 30-years
  • Lump-sum cash payment – (approximately half the amount of the announced jackpot)

If you do not make a selection within 60 days, your money will be paid as a lump-sum cash payment.

Where Can I Purchase The Pick?

Arizona Lottery tickets are only sold at official lottery locations. You can not purchase them over the phone, by mail, nor on the internet. You’ll have to physically purchase one at one of the many locations in Arizona.

What Happens if I Lose or Destroy My Winning Ticket?

Losing a lottery ticket is very serious. Equate it to losing your cash. First, you’ll want to write your name and address on the back of your ticket. So, if you lose it, no one else can claim it. If you don’t sign it, anyone legally old enough to play, can turn it in and claim it if it wins. The Arizona Lottery will not take responsibility for lost or stolen tickets.