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There are no Bad Views on this Trail in Sedona that is Said To Give You Powerful Energy

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Arizona has countless surprises for outdoor enthusiasts. It is no doubt that hiking is one of the top activities to do here. When in Sedona, you will see a lot of beautiful landscapes that will surely capture your eyes. While there are so many trails you can hike in Sedona, there’s one trail with an amazing view that we would love to share with you today. If you want to know more about the Broken Arrow Trail, then please keep reading!

The Broken Arrow Trail Is One of the Best Trails to Try in Arizona

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This relatively short trail is Arizona’s pride for having surreal views of Sedona. Before we even talk about the hike, we would like to stress that this setting is completely picturesque. In fact, if you are looking for the best hike where you can see Sedona as a whole, this would be it! Why, you ask? Upon hiking, you will get to see vibrant red rock views of Twin Buttes and Battlement Mesa. You will also have an opportunity to see Mund’s Mountain Wilderness, which looks striking with the great combination of red and white landscapes.

Besides having amazing views and feeling the Sedona energy within the vicinity, did you know what’s so popular about it? It’s the Pink Jeep Tour. This reliable jeep can bring your family and friends to an exciting way of exploring a trail. You can just hop inside the iconic, open-air Pink Jeep Wrangler and enjoy a rugged off-road adventure you will remember for a long time.

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The four-wheel ride is led by a knowledgeable and friendly professional tour guide. While seated inside the Jeep, you will get 360-degree views featuring stunning Southwest wilderness. Not to mention, there is some off-road action every now and then. Aside from being in awe of the scene in front of you, you will also experience some thrills.

Plus, don’t you just love how the Pink Jeep is super adorable and Instagrammable? They deserve a space on your feed so make sure you take some photos!

No Need to Worry Because This Trail Is Easy to Follow!

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Not all short trails are easy, but this one is perfect for those who don’t want to have a tedious experience while hiking. It’s a lot easier because you all have the options whether you want the traditional way of hiking by foot, bringing your mountain bike with you, or going all the way adventurous by having the Jeep tour. You can reach the trailhead by Morgan Road. This is a residential street and one of Sedona’s 4WD tour locations.

There are three points you will see in the Broken Arrow Trail: Devil’s Dining Room, Submarine Rock, and Chicken Point. Along the way, you will see different picturesque unique plants and flowers. The trail begins at Devil’s Dining Room, which is a sinkhole created when a cavern collapsed. While the Submarine Rock is just flat, this is where people can walk freely. Lastly is Chicken Point which is also the final destination for Jeep tours.

You Will Also See Many ATVs and Other Rides in the Broken Arrow Trail

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The Broken Arrow Trail only promises gorgeous scenery no matter where you look. This is what makes it such a popular spot for individuals who love riding their ATVs. You will be treated to views of reddish-orange sandstone cliffs and canyons, that gets its beauty amplified during sunrise or sunset.

If you enjoy riding with fellow enthusiasts, then you can come during the weekend. Just remember to come early to secure a parking slot in the staging area.

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The trail for ATVs is well-marked and is also made up of hard-packed slickrock. But it also provides a beautiful challenge due to the steep trail, with some narrow portions that are not recommended for a novice ATV rider. If you are new to riding ATVs, and you haven’t polished your skills to ride such terrain, then we recommend steering clear from this one.

Still, you can check out other trails where you can ride your ATV in Arizona. We have a different list for you!

What You Should Know

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While most people visit Sedona spots looking for some peacetime, Broken Arrow Trail is different. This is quite a busy trail and there may even be traffic! So you need to be courteous every time.

The trail is unshaded, so come prepared if you will come here during the summer season. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and bring lots of water to stay hydrated during your hike.

You also need to take note that to be able to hike and park here, you have to acquire a Red Rocks Pass for $5 in Coconino National Forest.

You can also take a picnic at Chicken Point. Touring the trail may be quite exhausting so make sure you bring enough meals (and water) for everyone.

The Broken Arrow Trail is a very busy trail. If you come here seeking solitude, you might find the opposite of what you are looking for. There are many hikers, cyclists, as well as adventurers onboard the Jeep. Still, you will be in awe of Sedona’s famous red rock scenery, among other beautiful rock formations.

Broken Arrow Trail Details

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Trail Distance: 4.3 km

Elevation Gain: 120 m

Route Type: Out & Back

How to Get Here

Location: 799 Morgan Rd, Sedona, Arizona (Note: You can find the trail 30 miles south of Flagstaff in scenic Red Rock Country)

From the junction of Routes 89A and 179 in Sedona, drive to 179 south 1.4 miles to Morgan Road on the left (east). Then, continue .6 miles to the end of the pavement, before crossing the cattle guard. Drive for another 80 yards and you will see the trailhead parking on the left.

Have you ever tried hiking this trail before? Feel free to share it with us!

After conquering this trail, you may also take your lover to one of Sedona’s most romantic restaurants for the best, unforgettable experience!