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There’s a Magical Oasis in Sedona Where You Can Cliff Jump and It’s Absolutely Breathtaking



Many people believe Sedona is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With so many spiritual vortex spots, lush forests, developed trails, and outdoor playgrounds, we’re sure you can find a place you’ll think is perfect. In here, Mother Nature’s jeweled accessory comes in the form of hidden wonders. You already know about the short 1.4-mile hike with endless rock views. Here’s another one. We’re sure you are going to love Wet Beaver Creek. It is an absolutely magical oasis, ideal for the best cliff jumping adventure!

The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek is a Cliff Jumping Paradise

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Anyone who’s been here (or seen pictures of this destination) can attest to the fact that this place is surely a must-visit! The Crack enjoys a reputation of being an oasis in the desert for one simple reason: it truly is. It also has something to do with the fact that going here is relatively easy. You can just before hike before reaching the beautiful swimming hole.

There are many stops along the way, meaning, you can also spot beautiful views every now and then. But if you want to go there, you need to take a short hike off the main trail. On the other hand, if you want to hike along the creek on the way in, you need to be prepared for a longer hike. Don’t think it will be such a drag. It’s completely worth it! You’ll find the Wet Beaver Creek well-shaded by a canopy of trees. You’ll be cool and you’ll also see the beauty of nature. Many hikers usually enjoy the hike along the creek instead of hiking all the way back to The Crack.

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It Is Truly a Pleasant Hike and You Will Love Every Second of It

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Generally speaking, the trail here is nice and wide. Unlike other Sedona trails, you can enjoy a leisurely hike here and just feel “challenged” when you reach the short ascent just before the hole. The elevation change also doesn’t set in completely until after the swimming hole, so that’s good news for you.

Begin your trek at the Bell Trail. This is a historic trail that was and still is used to move cattle to the top of the Mogollon Rim. After about a mile and a half, you will finally reach the White Mesa Trail on the left. It’s an equally nice trail you can take if you want to avoid the pedestrians on Bell Trail. At the 1.75 mile mark, you will see the Apache Maid Trail. This is also a popular trail that ascends the northern canyon wall of the Wet Beaver Wilderness through a series of switchbacks. After the switchbacks, the trail will level out across one of the plateaus of the Mogollon Rim. But let’s get back to Bell Trail.

You should expect to hit a fork in the road approximately 2.3 miles in. Stay left at this point because the path off to the right leads to Weir Trail. You will start to ascend as soon as you pass by the fork. Be careful as there are more ups than downs. We are sure you won’t mind it, though. This is where it gets interesting. You’re almost near the cliff jumping paradise!

You will reach The Crack in no time, and the only thing you need to do is relax, have fun, and cool off! It also helps that the water is cool to cold, so it might take your breath away for a second or two. Are you ready to jump? There are two sides to The Crack, and there are also lots of places to jump from. If you’re doing this for the first time, you may want to start from the 8-feet level. Daredevils may opt to go to the 30-feet level. Just look for access to the pools at the water level on both sides.

How Come I’m Only Hearing About Wet Beaver Creek Now?

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Here’s the reality. Many people who discover hidden gems prefer to keep the destination a secret because they know that if more people come in, the place will be trashed. While that’s true on most occasions, we need to start believing in humanity again! Let us manifest Mother Nature in her most beautiful form by taking care of her land. Be mindful of trash (even noise) when visiting this gorgeous swimming hole, or any other place.

If you don’t want to cliff jump or if you are still working on your cannonball, the smooth rocks at Wet Beaver Creek is a good spot for sunbathing. You can also dip your toes or get in the shallow waters for wading.

Just Look at This Paradise!

Of course, we know you need more photos to see this destination for what it is – paradise.

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The waters are clear and clean, so it’s definitely relaxing to cool off here on a hot summer day. Swim around for a while if you’re still plucking up the courage to jump. No one will blame you if you don’t. This is a safe space and you can just relax with your friends.

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The hike is gorgeous enough as it is. But this swimming hole just makes the experience more wonderful. Let’s pretend we’re at The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek, and we’re just about to jump to the waters. Counting down… 3….2….1… Jump!

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There are lots of visitors who prefer to sunbathe there. You can just do so after you get tired of jumping, or if you just want to soak in the sun.

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Wow the crowd with your exhibitions. But of course, just do that if you’re really used to cliff jumping. We don’t want any injuries.

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Even if you mess up your landing, we’re sure you’d still want to go over and over again.

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If you want to fool around with your friends, you are more than free to do so. Just don’t litter or throw your trash anywhere. That’s not cool.

Are you a pro? Go to the highest point and get ready for your show stopping jump!

What You Should Know:

How to Get Here

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From Phoenix

  1. Head north on the I-17 to the Sedona exit (Highway 179) and turn right.
  2. Continue the drive down the road for around 2.1 miles to the parking area and trailhead (Bell Trailhead).
  3. Check if the parking area is full. If it is, you need to head back the way you came in 0.3 miles to the overflow parking area.


  • You will find some pit toilets at the trailhead. There’s also no fee or permit required to park there.
  • Come early during fall and spring because these are the peak seasons. The parking lot will fill up quickly. If it’s full, you will need to park at the overflow parking areas.
  • There are many informative signs that explain the wildlife you might encounter. You will also see some safety points. Pay attention to that especially if it’s your first time hiking.
  • This may be an easy trail, but you need to be well-informed.
  • Remember to bring at least a gallon of water per person. You don’t want to be dehydrated!
  • The use of a nice-sized backpack (preferably waterproof) that could lug everything in is also recommended.
  • Don’t come here if you’re just going to trash the place. This is a hidden gem that needs to be protected at all costs. Remember to leave only footprints.

What do you think of The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek? It’s the perfect outdoor destination, huh? Oh, how we love Sedona!

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