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There’s No Limit to the Tacos You Can Eat at This Exciting Arizona Festival

Suny Errot



Are you a taco-lovin’ gal who thinks a full-blown event for the delicious snack is too good to pass up? Well, the Arizona Taco Festival promises to be bigger and more special so you can forget about all the other events during the festival season! Mark your calendars, and prepare your wallets and your tummies. This is going to be legen-wait for it-dary!

The World’s First Taco Festival

Arizona Taco Festival

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The Arizona Taco Festival is the world’s first taco festival that was founded in 2010. From its humble (and definitely tamer) beginnings, it is now the temporary home of 60+ restaurants dishing out tacos over two full days. The blend of outstanding art and music make each day more fun and magical. In addition, the imaginative activities make for amusing entertainment. Imagine hopping from one taco vendor to another and eating all the delicious goodness you can eat until you’re full.

Lucha Libre Wrestling Contest Fun Games

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Then, you can see what all the buzz about the premium tequila tastings are all about before checking other activities. Some of the event highlights from the past (with some you can still expect this year) include:

  • Proprietary Taco Contest (with a $10,000 prize)
  • Lucha Libre Wrestling
  • Degree 270 VIP Area
  • Live Music Stage
  • Interactive Photo Booths
  • Taco Eating Contests
  • Legendary Tequila Expo
  • Pageant Piñata Petting Zoo

and a whole lot more. Do you dig that? Then, you better come and join the fun at the next Arizona Taco Festival! Don’t give it too much thought. It only happens once a year, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Drool Over the Yummiest Tacos at the Arizona Taco Festival

Arizona Taco Festival Fun Events in AZ

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Remember what you came here for – it’s to eat and eat until you find the best-tasting tacos. The Arizona Taco Festival is basically your taco playground and you can try each variation offered by the vendors. Roam around, eat, rest, and repeat.

Taco Arizona Festival

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The event is joined by more restaurants than they’ve ever had in the past. So we’re sure you can find something to your liking. It doesn’t matter if it’s drowned tacos, fried chicken tacos, tortillas flat, or wood-grilled carne asada tacos. It’s there! And you’ll be surprised to find out how many other tacos exist in this world. Get ready to dig in!

Arizona Taco Festival Fun Events

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You can choose from simply drooling over the tacos, or getting yourself a piece of that goodness everywhere. Your call. Just so you know, you can always make non-taco detours if you’re already stuffed. There’s also a lot of exciting activities in this giant 300,000-square-foot north Scottsdale venue.

Ooh La La Hot

In the slightest chance that you didn’t join the Arizona Taco Festival for tacos, we are thinking the fiery hot reds are more up to your speed. Try to brave the Hot Chili Pepper Eating Contest and see if you can really handle the super hot peppers. Last year, many guests enjoyed Vic Clinco’s (or the man with the largest hot sauce collection in the U.S.) hot sauce tent. If you are a heat seeker, you’ll find this one a paradise with the roster of hot sauce brands from Big Reds to CaJohns. There is an additional fee for access to the tent, but it’s worth it.

What Else Is There To See Here?

Taco Booths Arizona Taco Festival

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You’ve already seen the Hot Chili Pepper Eating Contest, visited the hot sauce tent, and taco-hopped from one vendor to another. Now, what? Roam around and find your ace amongst the different restaurants. Bet against your partner if you will. If that seems too boring for you, then just get your groove on near the live music stage because the bands and DJs will be dropping the hottest beats for you. Afterward, you can head to the interactive photo booth to get your pictures taken.

Chihuahua Contest Arizona Fun Festival

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An additional money to spare can get you access to the VIP highfalutin cantina, plus a costumed Chihuahua beauty pageant. You can also seat on the bleachers while watching the Lucha libre wrestlers square off against each other. The Arizona Taco Festival wouldn’t be complete without it.

Overall, this is a crazy wild event, with the yummiest tacos you could ever think of! If I was in Arizona, I’d make sure I attend this, no questions asked.

General Information

What: Arizona Taco Festival 2020

Where: WestWorld of Scottsdale

When: October 24 to 25 , 2020

Tickets: $15 per general admission ticket

Tacos: $3 per taco (no limits but your own)

Website: https://aztacofestival.com/

We cannot wait for you to try the specialty of promising entrants as well as those from the Arizona Taco Festival veterans. Guess we’ll hear from you in the last week of October, huh? Since you read this article about such a fun festival, why not check out another one? Here’s all you need to know about the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival.